Newstalgic Easter Recipes blend familiar ingredients with flavor innovation

Newstalgic Easter recipes, photo provided by American Egg Board
Newstalgic Easter recipes, photo provided by American Egg Board /

As a holiday approaches, many people begin to plan their menu. While some hosts never stray from the traditional family recipe, some prefer to go off that standard page. Blending a touch of the familiar with something new can add some excitement to the table. With these newstalgic Easter recipes, the eggs are the food on the table, but they are presented with a different perspective.

Eggs and Easter go hand in hand. Kids might love decorating them or finding them scattered on the lawn. Cooks look to that ingredient as the star of the menu. But, the omelet can get tired and the poached can lose its lusciousness. It is time to give them an upgrade.

American Egg Board provided the following stat from Bakery
and Pastry Trends for 2023 stat that  67% of consumers say they are looking for new tastes while pairing them with familiar flavors. From creative presentations to a slightly different ingredient, bringing food fun to the table is just as important as the flavor.

One of the newstalgic Easter recipes is Farmer’s Corn Muffins. Cornbread is often a staple around the table, but this version has a surprise inside, an egg.

Combining the classic cornbread with peppers and scallions makes for a robust flavor. For someone who likes the idea of a Scotch Egg but prefers to skip meat, this recipe idea could be a good compromise.

Newstalgic Easter recipes
Newstalgic Easter recipes, photo provided by American Egg Board /

Sometimes on Easter it can be hard to get everyone around the table at the same time. That brunch buffet is an easier option and individual servings ensure everyone gets their own bite.

Easy Egg Cups combine eggs and hashbrowns in a convenient way. It is the cheesy, potato, egg goodness that includes minimal clean-up. It is a win for everyone involved.

Lastly, casseroles are popular choice for large gatherings. Cooks appreciate the recipe because it can be made ahead. In addition, it keeps them out of the kitchen, yet food can be cooking in the oven.

Newstalgic Easter recipes Layered Brunch Casserole
Layered Brunch Casserole, photo provided by American Egg Board /

This Layered Brunch Casserole recipe contains traditional omelet ingredients but it is all about the easy preparation. Whether made ahead or the day of, it can be popped into the oven and then served on the table. Easy never tasted so good.

These newstalgic Easter recipes are just a few of the many food ideas using that Incredible Egg. It is time to get cracking on that cooking creativity.