Amy Sedaris stacks the ingredients for the perfect Hill Yeah sandwich, interview

Amy Sedaris for Hillshire Farms, Photo credit: Danielle St. Laurent on behalf of Hillshire Farm
Amy Sedaris for Hillshire Farms, Photo credit: Danielle St. Laurent on behalf of Hillshire Farm /

Known for her numerous acting roles, Amy Sedaris has made people laugh with a witty turn of a phrase. Beyond the screen, her cookbooks show that food does not have to be a totally serious endeavor. A little whimsy on the plate can flavor food in the most delicious way. In partnership with Hillshire Farm brand, Sedaris has created some special celebrity inspired sandwiches that will get a Hill Yeah around the table.

Many people have agreed that food can be the connector which brings people around the table. While there is a time and place for intricately plated, serious food, not every dish has to be completed with a pair of tweezers. Even if a flavor or ingredient sparks a special memory, it is about the overall enjoyment and satisfaction that makes a bigger impression.

Recently, Amy Sedaris partnered with Hillshire Farm on its Oh Hill Yeah campaign. The idea is to use the sandwich as a way to capture a person’s personality, celebrate a pop culture moment, and enjoy a really great tasting sandwich. Given the plethora of ingredients that can be piled high or nestled between two pieces of bread, the food creativity is endless.

Recently, FoodSided spoke with Amy Sedaris regarding her partnership with Hillshire Farm, her favorite sandwich ingredients, and which ingredient is a must on Andy Cohen’s sandwich. Given that Sedaris lives in New York City, the closeness to some great delis kicked off the conversation. Since this writer misses a great marble rye with pastrami, it was hard to hide the yearning for a flavorful, and fun, sandwich.

When asked what makes a great sandwich, Sedaris said that it starts with the bread. She said, “you don’t want a crummy bread.” From there, she mentioned that a juicy red tomato, crisp lettuce, a helping of Duke’s mayonnaise and some amazing cold cuts are the winning combination.

In addition, Sedaris mentioned that the sandwich needs to travel well. While that concept can vary, Sedaris mentioned that she “loves anything wrapped in wax paper. We didn’t get those growing up.”

That all-ages connection shows how people relate to the sandwich. Sedaris mentioned that she asked her friends what makes a great sandwich. While people can remember what used to be in that brown paper bag, preferences can evolve. She mentioned how as a kid it was “bologna, mayonnaise, and white bread.” Now, her signature sandwich is much more flavorful.

As part of the campaign, Sedaris unveiled her sandwich, The Hamy Sedarwich. While the flavors are on point, it is a visually entertaining choice since it uses ingredients to make a face.

Amy Sedaris for Hillshire Farms
Amy Sedaris for Hillshire Farms, Photo credit: Danielle St. Laurent on behalf of Hillshire Farm /

Here’s the ingredients to make the Hamy Sedarwich.

  • Hillshire Farm Black Forest Ham
  • Swiss Cheese
  • Roasted Red Peppers
  • Brioche Bun
  • Butter Lettuce
  • Olive Eye
  • Pickle Tongue

Sedaris’ sandwich isn’t the only option on the table. She created several celebrity inspired sandwiches for the campaign. She mentioned that there is a David Hasselhoff one that is served on a hoagie. Another one was named after Jane Krakowski. And, her dear friend Andy Cohen has his own sandwich.

Speaking about the Andy Cohen sandwich, Sedaris revealed that Cohen has favorite ingredient. Sedaris said, “Andy likes a lot of pickles.” Maybe that sandwich can be served behind the bar on Watch What Happens Live.

Here’s the ingredients on the Andy Coham Sandwich.

  • Hillshire Farm Honey Ham
  • Provolone
  • Mustard
  • Challah
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Pickles
  • Shaved Onion

Sedaris shared that when she asked her friends about their favorite sandwich, the answers were quite varied. From a hot sandwich to an open faced to even swapping the bread for lettuce, the responses could almost fill a cookbook. With her long list of friends and colleagues, it seems that this campaign could go on for a while.

With this campaign celebrating the sandwich and a special person embodied within their own sandwich. Sedaris said it should be just as simple as “saying yes to the sandwich.” Whether it is enjoying the food on a picnic, while traveling, or just a quick satisfying bite when the craving hits. It is always yes to the sandwich.

Amy Sedaris with her Hillshire Farm sandwiches
Amy Sedaris with celebrity inspired sandwiches, Photo credit: Danielle St. Laurent on behalf of Hillshire Farm /

Although her special sandwich has an impressive visual, Sedaris said, “food should just be presentable.” While it does not have to be complicated, it should entice people to eat it.

She shared the following story, “recently I was at a friend’s house and was served sweet potato gnocchi. It was the ugliest food that I had ever seen in my life. It reminded me of Lassie’s recipe dog food. It really surprised me because you give food a little punch it is more enjoyable to eat. This dish was so unattractive. Any little extra could have made it better. Luckily her sandwich has an enticing visual.

For more information on the Oh Hill Yeah campaign, the special celebrity sandwiches, and how to give a special someone their own Hill Yeah shout out, visit Hillshire Farm’s socials.

Amy Sedaris has several projects coming out this spring and summer. Theater Camp will be the must watch movie for theater lovers since they might appreciate all the stage humor mixed into the plot. In addition, she can be seen in Ghosted and the latest season of Mandalorian.