Would you pop open a mayonnaise beer?

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While people can debate the best condiments or even unusual uses for condiments, has anyone thought of a beer flavored with condiments. If you thirst for such a beverage, there is a mayonnaise beer, or a least a beer that pairs perfectly with Duke’s mayonnaise.

Beer flavors can go in a variety of different directions. Of course, that classic lager is always refreshing on a hot day. Oktoberfest beers are an annual celebration must. While people can discuss the hoppiness of IPAs, the sour notes of a gose and the richness of a stout, the reality is that certain flavors are more common than others. From citrus to spices, many of those flavors are prevalent.

Over the years, brewers have pushed their creativity. Beyond the traditional beers, food has become the inspiration. From donuts and cake to even pizza, it wasn’t just an April Fools Joke. Food and beer are more than just a pairing. Food is inspiring the beverage flavor.

As beer drinkers become more adventurous, they are willing to try these new beverages. It might not become their Sunday football staple, but these beers can be fun conversations. Sometimes it is worth opening the can just to say that you tried it once.

Why did they create a mayonnaise beer?

Recently Champion Brewing Company partnered with the Duke’s Mayonnaise to create a beer that pairs perfectly with the classic Southern sandwich, Duke’s-slathered BLT. Called Family Recipe, the Vienna Style Lager is definitely a beer that has many people talking.

To be honest, there is no mayonnaise in the beer itself. The beer was created to pair with Duke’s Mayonnaise recipes, specifically the BLT. But, it is an interesting collaboration between brands.

As Duke’s Brand Marketing Manager of Mayohem, Rebecca Lupesco, said “Champion has perfected the art of beer and food pairings with Family Recipe – sun-ripened, juicy tomatoes, crispy bacon, lots of Duke’s mayo, and a refreshing sipping beer is basically what summertime is made for.”

Thinking about that food and beverage description, it should make beer drinkers think when cracking open another can. While food and wine pairings are often front and center on a menu, beer and food pairings deserve that same recognition. It is more than just a cold one and a burger.

According to Champion owner Hunter Smith, “I am inspired by the legacy and loyalty commanded by the Duke’s brand, plus it’s the only mayo that is used in our restaurants, so it only made sense to collaborate. We think we’ve created a beverage that celebrates the southern heritage of our respective products.”

Even though this offering is limited, it could spark a new beer trend. Why couldn’t other brands pursue this idea more often. Mustard buns were a huge hit this summer, why couldn’t there be mustard beer? Although no one might like a kraut lager for Oktoberfest, a pretzel beer would be a great choice. It might be time to think outside of the traditional can.

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What do you think of this beer collaboration? What’s the most unusual beer that you’ve drunk?