Easy Oktoberfest ideas that bring a taste of Munich to your backyard

Eckrich Oktoberfest at home, photo provided by Eckrich
Eckrich Oktoberfest at home, photo provided by Eckrich /

It is time to raise a stein and these easy Oktoberfest ideas will have you saying prost!

While the beer halls in Munich are silent, these easy Oktoberfest ideas can bring that German tradition into your own backyard. Whether you put on your best lederhosen, show your strength by hoisting a stein or just enjoy a great beer, these simple ideas will have everyone feeling a little more festive.

The Oktoberfest celebration goes back centuries. While the annual tradition in Munich is stepped in history, a few iconic parts of the legendary beer event have been transported beyond the confines of the Germany city. Today, many locales have their own version of the festival.

With many beer brands offering an Oktoberfest style beer, people are finding reasons to have their own Oktoberfest at home. Sometimes, an excuse to enjoy a beer and some good food is always a great idea.

Still, people want simple, easy concepts. While everyone is mastering the basics, they do not want to be overwhelmed by the task. Grilling a sausage is within the possibilities but making the wurst from scratch might be a little too much.

Here are some easy Oktoberfest ideas for your backyard celebration.

Make Pretzels

Recently, Sam Adams and Auntie Anne’s partnered on an Oktoberfest at home kit. With the kit, you can make your own Auntie Anne’s pretzels at home.

Pretzels and Oktoberfest go hand in hand. It is debatable if the pretzel helps fill you up or it makes you thirsty for more beer.

If you do make pretzels at home, a couple of suggestions. First, it does take time. You need to let the dough rise.

Also, don’t be too hard on yourself about correctly shaping the pretzels. My pretzels looked more like a twisted mess than a lover’s knot or praying hands. The important thing is the taste, not the look.

Easy Oktoberfest ideas
Eckrich Oktoberfest at home, photo provided by Eckrich /

Presenting the Sausage Board

Boards have become a popular food trend. More than just cheese, pancakes, and desserts, other foods have become a feast. It makes sense to make a Sausage Board.

Eckrich Smoked Sausage asked some of its resident experts to create an Oktoberfest style sausage board. Since there are all types of Eckrich sausages, it can be a literal smorgasbord of flavor.

Consider having two or more sausage flavors, cut into bite sized pieces. Also, a great mustard is important for dipping. A spicy brown mustard often pairs well with sausage.

Lastly, add cheddar cheese and some pretzels to the board. A combination of hard and soft pretzels is nice. Even some Cheddar Pretzel Crisps are good idea.


German inspired meal

Recently, Budweiser hosted a virtual Oktoberfest tasting event. During the hour long event, the brew masters shared stories and insight on the German Oktoberfest tradition. In addition, they recommended some German food and beer pairings.

Spaten is one of the authentic German Oktoberfest beers. Although the official Spaten Oktoberfest keg was not tapped in Munich this year, the Oktoberfest beers and other Spaten beers are available in many stores.

During the event, the Budweiser group shared how to pair classic German dishes like schnitzel, brats and even Black Forest cake with the German beer. Whether you try making these recipes on your own or order some from your favorite local restaurant, an Oktoberfest feast is great way to celebrate the occasion.

Oktoberfest beer sampling

With so many options, an Oktoberfest beer sampling can be a great idea. From Sam Adam’s to Spaten to even Blue Point, there are many Oktoberfest offerings on the table.

Also, some breweries are doing a limited edition run for this year’s event. For example, Blue Point is doing Zumfest. Given the rise of “zoom events,” this German Style Festbier is full bodied, rye marzen lager. The light copper colored beer blends new and tradition hops for a beer that needs to be savored.

Don’t let the annual Oktoberfest tradition be missed this year. These easy Oktoberfest ideas will make everyone raise their stein with a spirited Prost!

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What is your favorite Oktoberfest beer?