Buffalo Wild Wings wants you to raise a stein for Oktoberfest

Buffalo Wild Wings Oktoberfest 2020 offering. Image courtesy Buffalo Wild Wings
Buffalo Wild Wings Oktoberfest 2020 offering. Image courtesy Buffalo Wild Wings /

With a mighty Prost! Buffalo Wild Wings celebrates Oktoberfest.

It is time to raise a stein and Buffalo Wild Wings is ready to celebrate Oktoberfest. While you do not have to wear lederhosen or know a spirited German toast, a strong arm and determination could get you closer to the beer event of the year.

While this year’s Oktoberfest celebration in Munich was canceled, the marzen style beers are flowing from B-Dubs taps. The seasonal beer is back and will be around for a limited time. If you enjoy this annual tradition, it is time to ask for an iced cold draft.

Since B-Dubs is America’s Sports Bar, the restaurant chain is branching out into a new sport. Although football has returned to the field, one spirited competition is taking over sports bars this weekend. Do you have the strength to compete?

On October 4, at participating sports bars, Buffalo Wild Wings will host a Stein Hoisting Competition. While you might have seen this competition online or in movies (remember Beer Fest), the ability to outlast all others is a great feat.

If you are unfamiliar, a Stein Hoisting Competition has competitors hold a full, one-liter stein. The stein must be held with a straight arm and parallel to the ground. Needless to say, you cannot spill a drop (or be tempted to take a sip).

To win the competition, you have to be the last person holding the stein. While it sounds easy, it is far from it. The competition is not just about brute strength. It is a combination of strength, determination and just wanting to not to spill a drop of beer.

Truthfully, many people will want to be the last stein raised. The local winners will have a chance to win a trip to Munich. If you love beer, a trip to Oktoberfest in Munich is a bucket list event.

After showcasing that Stein Hoisting skill, make sure to order some Everything Pretzel Knots to enjoy while sipping on the Sam Adams Oktoberfest beer. Pretzels and beer are always a classic Oktoberfest combination.

Are you ready to prove you are the ultimate stein holder? If not, at least go, watch and raise a glass and say prost to the competitors.

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How are you celebrating Oktoberfest?