Exploring the mini cocktail trend could change your signature beverage

Mini cocktail trend presented at Hyatt Hotels, photo provided by Hyatt Hotels
Mini cocktail trend presented at Hyatt Hotels, photo provided by Hyatt Hotels /

Whether it is an afternoon sipper, pre-dinner libation, or night cap, many people enjoy sipping on a cocktail. While some people might have their preferred beverage, others might look to enjoy a food and beverage trend, rediscover a classic, or just step out of their cocktail comfort zone. With the mini cocktail trend, a smaller pour can open the door to a whole new experience.

Beer drinkers are familiar with the beer flight, which allows drinkers to enjoy several smaller pours of various drafts. While the progression can be poured in many ways, the concept allows drinkers to try different flavors. Some beers might be an instant hit and others might not get a second order. But, the smaller sizes allow that flavor exploration without too much overindulgence.

The same can be true of wine tastings. The smaller pours or even some smaller wine flights allow people to see the similarities and differences between the bottles, varietals or regions. It might invite a purchase of a whole bottle or it could introduce someone to a previously undiscovered offering.

While beer and wine have lent themselves to the small pour, mini cocktails are joining that conversation. The smaller sized cocktails are a nod to convenience and hospitality. Instead of trying to explain how the combination of flavors work or offer a suggestion of a similar flavor profile, the smaller sized offering allows the guest to try one. It might be that perfect find, or it might not be the right fit. But given the smaller size, the lesser commitment has an appeal.

Some restaurants have embraced this mini cocktail trend. Whether it is a type of beverage amuse bouche or a fun beverage exploration with friends, the smaller pours bring a little excitement around the bar. Beyond the cute visual, it is a way to step beyond another Old Fashioned and maybe embrace the robust flavor of a negroni.

Several Hyatt locations are showcasing the mini cocktail trend. While a few of the offerings are classic cocktails others push the envelope slightly. To be clear, these beverages are not shots. They are cocktails just in a smaller format.

Mini Cocktail trend
Mini cocktail trend presented at Hyatt Hotels, photo provided by Hyatt Hotels /

For example, Conversation Kitchen & Bar located in the Thompson Seattle has features three classic cocktails, the Negroni, Manhattan and the Vesper. The last one, Vesper, might not be as familiar to some drinkers. Made with Tanqueray, Ketel One and Cocchi Americano, it packs a big punch but it can be a game changer.

At Parker’s in Thompson Central Park, the jazz vibe influences the libations. Man Baby and Daiq Snack are a touch of a riff on some classic cocktails, but they are uniquely the bar’s own. Just like a great jazz song, the experience is a little unexpected yet totally satisfying.

Lastly, at B-Side the hidden speakeasy at Revival Baltimore has two “on the fly” cocktails. These elevated cocktails are quite complex and a great example of a speakeasy cocktail. Guests can choose from Gin on the Fly or Whiskey on the Fly. Luckily, the pour is smaller otherwise too many sips could have people flying high.

These bars are embracing the mini cocktail trend and more could be on the horizon. Could cocktails flights be part of the future, too?