Snapple Elements Earth is a beverage rooted in flavor creativity

Snapple Elements Earth, photo provided by Snapple
Snapple Elements Earth, photo provided by Snapple /

While some people might fondly remember the Snapple Lady answering all those difficult beverage questions or still smile at the message written under that metal cap, the classic beverage brand understands that a thirst for nostalgia needs to be balanced with flavor innovation. Given that that the shelf is full of emerging ingredients, global inspiration, and a variety of other food trends, the reality is that new and old need to find a way to create refreshing harmony. Joining the other Elements flavors, the new Snapple Elements Earth captures that unexpected flavor combination in a way that still feels rooted in the familiar.

The concepts of Water, Air, Fire and Earth infuse many aspects of culture beyond the essential elements of life. From a sense of stability to expressing emotions, the visual representation of these elements can convey a variety of expressions. Seeing these concepts in the food world is clear. From the fire used to impart flavor in a dish to the pillowy creation that seem to float on the plate, the references are there.

With the Snapple Elements, the beverage brand looks to bring an experience into refreshment. Although many people may want a sip that satisfies, the combination of flavors in these offerings are meant to spark more than just satisfying a thirst. In some ways, it could be a slant on conscious consumption.

The newest flavor, Snapple Elements Earth transforms Black Tea with flavors of Tart Cherry and Black Fig. While many people might remember that classic fruit filled cookie from their youth, fig has a robust, sweet flavor that works well with tea. Without becoming too sweet or overbearing, there is a sense of juiciness that is satisfying. When paired with a tart cherry, the sweetness is balanced. The tartness brings a brightness without the pucker.

Snapple Elements Earth
Snapple Elements Earth, photo provided by Snapple /

In addition, black fig and tart cherry are trending flavors. Even though exotic fruits might have had their moment, these flavors have an excitement and approachability at the same time. Adding the Snapple Elements Earth to the existing flavors ensures that all the flavor profiles are covered.

For example, Water is an agave cactus juice beverage. Instead of grabbing another sports drink, this option is a new way to quench a thirst on a hot day. Air feels like a cool breeze with prickly pear and peach joining the white tea. It is light yet does not dilute the flavor. Lastly, the Fire features dragon fruit. Although some people might envision a burst of flames, the flavor is enjoyable without scorching the palate.

The Snapple Elements beverages are available at various retailers. Check with stores for exact pricing.