Angry Orchard Blueberry Rosé is a juicy, vibrant addition to the Sunny Sessions Variety Pack

Angry Orchard Blueberry Rosé joins the Sunny Sessions Variety Pack, photo provided by Angry Orchard
Angry Orchard Blueberry Rosé joins the Sunny Sessions Variety Pack, photo provided by Angry Orchard /

As the countdown to summer fun begins, it is time to put away the heavier, robust flavors for sips that are zesty, floral, and fun. With the new Angry Orchard Blueberry Rosé, bright sunny days just got a little sweeter.

While some people never stray from the signature sipper, others prefer to venture out into different beverages. Just like food and recipes evolve based on the season, beverages in the glass can, too. When it is hot and sunny, it might not be the best time to drink that mulled cider.

Angry Orchard created a bounty of flavors across its line. During the cooler months, the spicy cinnamon notes offer that soothing sip. As the warmer weather approaches, the flavors evolve to zesty, bright options. It might not guarantee a perfect day by the water, but the flavors capture those warm breezes on a leisurely day.

The new Angry Orchard Blueberry Rosé is a twist on the brand’s popular Rosé. Before pouring the beverage into a class to reveal the captivating color, it is the sweet yet slightly tart blueberry notes that entice that first taste. Blueberries are often juicy, sweet, and a touch tart. It hits all the flavor notes which is why the classic fruit can be transformed into sweet and savory recipes.

According to Joe Gaynor, Cider Maker for Angry Orchard, “As our trees start to bloom and the colors of Blueberry Rosé naturally begin to pop throughout the Orchard, reaching for something refreshing and fruit-forward just feels right. An evolution of our Rosé that we first tested at the Orchard before taking it nationally years ago, Blueberry Rosé is another great example of a cider that started as a small innovation here at the Cider House then grew into something all Angry Orchard fans can pick up this summer.”

Angry Orchard Blueberry Rosé
Angry Orchard Blueberry Rosé joins the Sunny Sessions Variety Pack, photo provided by Angry Orchard /

Thinking about this new beverage offering, it captures two trends. First, fruit forward flavors are popular across the beverage space. While the hazy IPA movement has embraced tropical notes, fruit is infused in various beers. The familiar flavors bring excitement but also make the offering approachable.

Adding blueberry with apple helps to keep the flavor balance. While strawberry or raspberry might make the combination too sweet, the blueberry highlights the crisp flavor without overshadowing it.

Lastly, this Angry Orchard Blueberry Rosé is about the color. While that “all day Rosé” mantra might have a nod to that visual moment, this beverage’s color will have people doing a second take. It excites the drinking experience.

Thinking about serving this particular beverage, why not freeze some blueberries and serve them in the glass. Or, even freeze some blueberries in ice for more chill. Not only does it make for a great visual; it adds a little extra fruit to the daily food intake.

The Angry Orchard Blueberry Rosé is available in the Sunny Sessions Variety Pack. The 12-pack features, the flagship Apple, the pineapple forward Tropical and Green Apple. Blueberry Rosé has a 6% ABV. The offering is available for a limited time at participating retailers.