New Belgium Subpar Pale Ale toasts to appreciating the outdoors, even the shade

New Belgium Subpar Pale Ale, photo provided by New Belgium
New Belgium Subpar Pale Ale, photo provided by New Belgium /

During the annual Earth Day celebration, some people take a moment to ponder the world around them. While the three “Rs,” reduce, reuse, recycle, have become part of the norm, it is more than just being a conscious consumer. With this year’s New Belgium Subpar Pale Ale, it is time to toast nature, even if it means embracing the less than stellar commentary that some people offer.

When New Belgium was founded over 30 years ago, the craft beer brand incorporated a key value into its purpose. Specifically, it sought to inspire environmental change. While that hike up a mountain might have been one founder’s journey, that concept discovered on those first steps has continued to move forward.

Throughout the brand’s history, the importance of environmental conscious practices has been woven into the brand. While a great craft beer is always the focus, the beer does not exist without nature providing its ingredients. From the water to the hops, that sipping refreshment is a result of ingredients coming from the ground.

Speaking to this year’s special offering, New Belgium Subpar Pale Ale, Shaun Belongie, Chief Marketing Officer at New Belgium said, “Our passion for brewing world class beer is equal to our dedication to inspiring environmental stewardship. Collaborating with Subpar Parks for this year’s Earth Day release was a natural fit to promote the enjoyment of two National wonders, parks, and beer. We hope this collaboration reminds consumers, through a lens of irony, to pause and remember why we celebrate Earth Day.”

For those unfamiliar with the social media account @SubparParks, the concept celebrates those really bad reviews of parks. Although some people might appreciate the simplicity exploring nature, others need more than the sound of silence. Even though some people might not be eloquent with their descriptions and others might be verbose, the reality is stepping into nature versus another man-made creation should be celebrated, even if the response is just fine, ok, or blah.

Whether or not anyone heads out to a National Park or just a local green space on Earth Day is a personal choice. But, everyone can enjoy a New Belgium Subpar Pale Ale.

Since this collaboration is built on the ability to find a little humor in life’s journey, New Belgium describes the beer as “floral, citrus, and pine resin notes reminiscent of the ‘heavy-handed number of trees’ you’ll find in our national parks.” While this beer might not be exactly like stepping into the forest or sleeping under a bed of pine needles, the flavor and aroma should capture that outdoor spirit. Although drinking a couple and hiking up a mountain might not be advisable, but enjoying a can and planning that next adventure is totally permissible.

The New Belgium Subpar Pale Ale is available online and will be sold at New Belgium’s liquid centers in in Fort Collins, Colo, Asheville, N.C., and San Francisco, CA. $1 from every Subpar Pale Ale sold will benefit the company’s environmental organizations.

Whether your description of the New Belgium Subpar Pale Air is acceptable, pedestrian, or maybe that first sip elicits a more sophisticated, nuanced response, it is time to put down the distractions and take a moment to appreciate the world around us. The words do not have to be poignant as long as the experience is remembered.