Teddy Swims talks good times, great music and enjoying a Jack and Coca-Cola, interview

(Photo by Dave Simpson/WireImage)
(Photo by Dave Simpson/WireImage) /

While he might have built his name via social media, Teddy Swims has taken the music world by storm. The talented singer songwriter is not pigeonhole by a particular genre label. From his soulful voice to his poignant lyrics, Teddy Swims connects with his audience as he sings about good times, a fulfilled life and enjoying a refreshing libation.

Recently, Teddy Swims performed at the Jack and Coca-Cola ready to drink beverage launch. Before he took the stage, he spoke to FoodSided. During the brief interview, the musician revealed his insightful side. While there were plenty of lighthearted moments, his thoughts on music linger far longer than it takes to enjoy a can of Jack and Coca-Cola.

Like many performers, Teddy Swims and his crew enjoy a cold Jack and Coca-Cola in the green room. While they might “drink the mess out of that beverage,” he was drawn to this partnership because it is authentic. He admitted that he wants to partner with brands that he actually likes, which works out because he has been a fan of Jack and Coca-Cola.

Although he might have made a name for himself with creative covers of songs, Teddy Swims offers thoughtful insight on music. For example, he said, “certain genres lend themselves to certain emotions better than others. Metal music might be a way to get the anger out, but it might not be the sexiest music. Country music always has a great way of telling stories and feeling nostalgic. I use that music to discuss those feelings and get the words out. I’m a firm believer that there are always a certain set of words that can be said in a certain way, at a certain time that can fix any problem we are going through.”

While those sentiments are true, Teddy Swims can still recall the young boy who first stepped on stage through musical theater. He admitted that at one point he had stage fright, but musical theater pulled him out of that fear. With the help of his friend Jesse, he was able to pull himself out of his shell and step into that spotlight.

In some ways, that connection between his friends continues to drive his success today. Teddy said, “I find inspiration just being around with my buddies, having a good time, sharing conversations, and even enjoying a Jack and Coke. Sharing a drink with someone can break the ice and loosen up the moment. It can make people open to saying that idea without feeling self-conscious. It can open people to the experience. When it is least expected, I can hear something profound and write it down in my notebook.”

Speaking of how he creates music, Teddy mentioned that sometimes a good drink can help him loosen him up a little, gets him more into the atmosphere or even just be more present in the room. In those moments, he can be less reserved and more open to the creative process.

While the Jack and Coca-Cola might not be the solution to every situation, it can be the ice breaker, refreshment or just thirst quencher to toast to the moment. Whether Teddy Swims is singing sultry songs, offering a unique twist on an old favorite, or banging out a boisterous noise, there is meaning behind those words and melodies. Where that conversation takes everyone is up to them. No matter what, there is a Jack and Coca-Cola ready to drink canned cocktail waiting on ice in the green room afterwards.