Jack Daniel’s and Coca-Cola RTD set to roll out on U.S. shelves

Jack Daniel's and Coca-Cola RTD arrives in stores the May, photo provided by Jack Daniels
Jack Daniel's and Coca-Cola RTD arrives in stores the May, photo provided by Jack Daniels /

Some beverage combinations are classics. Long before there were flavored whiskeys and nuanced sparkling waters, a standard drink available at almost any bar was a Jack and Coke. While many people have that bottle of Tennesse’s finest on the shelf and there might be a can of that iconic cola waiting in the fridge, those two options might not be the most portable solution. Now, Jack Daniel’s and Coca-Cola RTD cans will be available in the U.S.

In 2022, this type of ready to drink cocktail launched in Mexico. While many people counted down the days until the canned option was brought to their store, the day has come. Whether thrown in the cooler for a backyard barbecue or stocked in the fridge for a Friday night toast, there are plenty of reasons to purchase a 4-pack.

As Dan White, Chief of New Revenue Streams for The Coca-Cola Company said in an announcement, “This launch is a milestone moment for both Coca-Cola and Jack Daniel’s – it is following what people have been doing with these two iconic brands for generations and demonstrates our commitment to innovation from the simple to the complex.”

Jack Daniel's and Coca-Cola RTD
Jack Daniel’s and Coca-Cola RTD arrives in stores the May, photo provided by Jack Daniels /

Looking at the recent alcoholic beverage launches, the influence of classic combinations, well known brands, and even soda flavors have been trending. While there is a difference between a flavored malt beverage and a liquor cocktail, the RTD category has embraced the higher ABV category. Beers, seltzers, and other lower ABV beverages were previously the only choice in the canned category. Now, the ready to drink market has a robust selection to appease any flavor preference.

One of the drivers for the surge in this popularity is the convenience factor. Consumers no longer want to be limited with the beverage options when they leave the house. Instead of bringing multiple bottles and cups, it is a single can and go. Location is no longer a limitation to enjoyment.

Thinking of this particular partnership, it celebrates one of the most requested, classic beverage combinations served at a bar. Even though many master mixologists can employ complicated tinctures, stunning garnishes, and unusual ingredients to make for a stunning cocktail moment, a great sipper can be simple. There are a reason why certain combinations are a classic. Some flavors stand the test of time.

Given the Coca-Cola brand’s expansion into the alcoholic beverage space, as seen with this offering as well as its Simply Spiked Lemonade, it will be interesting to see if future collaborations could come down the pipeline. Could a Sprite and vodka or tequila be next? Only time will tell.

For now, many people will be searching store shelves for the first sign of the 4-packs of Jack Daniel’s and Coca-Cola RTD, which are set to arrive in May. There will be both a classic Coca-Cola and a Coca-Cola Zero-Sugar option. Each beverage has a 7% ABV. The suggested retail price is $12.99 a four-pack.