Wonder Hawaiian Buns set to become the star of the summer barbecue

New Wonder Hawaiian Buns, photo provided by Wonder Bread
New Wonder Hawaiian Buns, photo provided by Wonder Bread /

From that favorite school lunch sandwich to toast with breakfast, Wonder Bread has and will continue to be kitchen staple. Just looking across that food aisle, the iconic colors of the package stand out in the sea of bread options. Now, the iconic food company is expanding its offerings to include Wonder Hawaiian Buns and that touch of sweetness has everyone craving the first bite.

A sweeter bun has a versatility in the kitchen. Whether paired with that spicy, fried chicken or holding the big, juicy burger, that inherent sweetness adds a depth of flavor to the overall flavor. As many cooks appreciate, the balance of flavors makes for an enjoyable bite.

Speaking to the new offering, John Steed, senior vice president of legacy brands at Flowers Foods said, “Consumers are looking for options in the bun category with a sweeter flavor profile. The formula we’ve created for our new Wonder Hawaiian Buns is truly the perfect tropical blend. It’s sweet, yet savory, and the build incorporates our classic Wonder soft texture that is still sturdy enough to pile on the ingredients.”

Wonder Hawaiian Buns
New Wonder Hawaiian Buns, photo provided by Wonder Bread /

Looking at those comments, that sturdy factor is important for any dish. For example, no one wants a bun to crumble upon the first bite. The texture needs to stand up to the sauce, condiment, or other ingredients sandwiched inside.

Thinking about this new Wonder Bread offering, a classic pulled pork with a bright zesty slaw would be a lovely flavor combination. For a slightly different take, consider a blacked shrimp with this bun. The spice from the seasoning is balanced by the sweetness in the bun. Whether topped with a simple salsa or just some microgreens, there are plenty of options.

And, for anyone who might have a bun or two left over the next day, the Wonder Hawaiian Buns would make for a great bread pudding or even French Toast. There is no reason for food to go to waste.

The Wonder Hawaiian Buns come in a package of 8-buns. They can be found at retailers nationwide. More information can be found on the brand’s website .