Jaime Camil and Modelo celebrate Cinco Auténtico and the vibrancy of Mexican culture

Modelo and Jaime Camil celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Cinco Auténtico
Modelo and Jaime Camil celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Cinco Auténtico /

Modelo has used the tagline Fighting Spirit to capture many of its brand partnerships. While that idea might bring sports imagery to mind, the concept is not limited to just that field of play. Within Mexican culture, the desire to be bold, be proud, and to be celebrated can be described as a type of “Fighting Spirit.” Ahead of this year’s Cinco de Mayo celebrations, celebrated actor and entertainer Jaime Camil has partnered with Modelo to showcase the vibrancy and diversity that is part of Cinco Auténtico.

While the celebration of Cinco de Mayo in Mexico might be different than the focus in America, one aspect unites both occasions. It is a time to celebrate not just the tenacity and triumphs of the Mexican people but also the culture that is part of Mexican history. Although each Mexican state has their traditions, music, and even favorite foods, there are common bonds that unite them all.

During a recent conversation with Jaime Camil regarding his partnership with Modelo and the Cinco Auténtico concept, Camil is proud to be part of the multi-faceted celebration. From the people partaking in the Museo de Cinco that he has helped curate in Los Angeles to Cinco Auténtico programming available via the Modelo Instagram page, the moment is meant to engage all people and give the artists a moment to celebrate their craft.

Camil mentioned that this event is a celebration, not a history lesson but there is a moment to remind people why Cinco de Mayo is more than just an opportunity to enjoy the number one imported beer in the U.S. Sure, there are plenty of reasons to gather with friends and have a good time on the 5th of May, but it is more than simple concept.

Camil suggested that people, go beyond and think about “the small things you can do to make it a little bit more authentic.” From supporting Mexican artists to enjoying a variety of Mexican food choices, it is about blending the history with what is happening today. While Camil will be front and center at the Museo de Cinco talking to people and sharing stories, everyone can celebrate that sentiment both near and far.

Modelo Mercado and Jaime Camil celebrated Cinco de Mayo
Modelo and Jaime Camil celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Cinco Auténtico /

Since many people associate a celebration with food and beverages, FoodSided asked Camil what food he would like to serve with an ice cold Modelo. He referenced the traditional Chiles en Nogada, which is a traditional Mexican recipe that has a walnut sauce and pomegranate seeds.

While some people reference the red, green and white colors in the dish as a nod to the Mexican flag, this traditional dish is a lovely representation of Mexican culture. Blending indigenous customs with Spanish influence, it is a celebration of the many layers of Mexican history.

Camil references that Mexican gastronomy is growing rapidly. From the recent announcement of Elena Reygadas being named the best female chef by World’s 50 Best Restaurants in the World to Martha Ortiz who has long been celebrated as a world-renowned Mexican chef, Mexican food is more than just the humble taco. Even that 100 day mole that can be experienced in Mexico City can rival some of the best food in the world. The rich and flavorful history invites people to the table for a robust discussion and a memorable food experience.

Although there are many exquisite food examples across the globe, Camil referenced that he often invites his friends over to enjoy a meal cooked by his wife, who he touts as an amazing cook. Whether it is a simple meal or something more creative, it is the great conversation while sipping a Modelo that makes the time spent together special.

While Camil will be celebrating Cinco Auténtico at the Museo de Cinco in Los Angeles this year, he has plenty of new projects on his plate. And for fellow musical theater fans, Schmigadoon! is back for season 2 on Apple TV. This season the cast highlights some of the musicals from the 60s and the 70s as they head to Schmicago.

When asked how to conceive the musical theater novice to sit down and watch some of those Bob Fosse inspired dance numbers or the sharp edges of the Sweeny Todd inspired scenes, Camil referenced another reporter’s statement. Camil said, “For season one I had a guy interviewing us during the press junkets and he said that you cannot pay me money to sit down to watch a musical theater. It doesn’t matter the amount. I’m not going to do it. But, after watching Schmigadoon, I loved the show. That statement speaks volumes of how inclusive and diverse, whether you appear on a musical theater nerd, whether you’re not, whether you like musicals or not. Schmigadoon is a very well written show and it’s funny.”

After enjoying a Cinco Auténtico celebration with friends, why not extend the fun into the weekend with some episodes of Schmigadoon. A cold Modelo, great conversation and enjoying each other’s company is not limited to just Cinco de Mayo. That authenticity can be applied to everything in life.