Lipton Hard Iced Tea gives America’s favorite tea a bold twist

Lipton Hard Iced Tea hits store shelves, photo provided by Lipton Hard Tea
Lipton Hard Iced Tea hits store shelves, photo provided by Lipton Hard Tea /

For some people, a warm, sunny day is more refreshing with a glass of Lipton Iced Tea. While the iconic brand can be enjoyed from breakfast to dinner, it is the beverage’s flavor versatility that makes this food brand a favorite with consumers. While grandma might have made sun tea every summer with maybe an extra splash in the glass when it was served, the new Lipton Hard Iced Tea simplifies that enjoyment by just opening a can.

The new Lipton Hard Iced Tea is part of a growing trend for the summer, hard iced tea. While the concept is not necessarily new, the reality is that hard iced tea might be the hard seltzer of 2023. It seems like the brand options are everywhere on the shelf. But, not all options are the same.

The new Lipton Hard Iced Tea comes in four flavors, Lemon, Peach, Half and Half and Strawberry. These offerings have a connection to the popular choices within the Lipton line.

Lipton Hard Iced Tea
Lipton Hard Iced Tea hits store shelves, photo provided by Lipton Hard Tea /

As Lisa Texido, Brand Director for Lipton Hard Iced Tea said, “We created the recipe to make sure that the smooth, balanced flavor people love about Lipton iced tea really came through. I think people will be surprised that a hard iced tea can be this delicious – it’s a must-try.”

Looking at these beverage offerings, it is about putting tea first. While the fruit flavors add to the drinking enjoyment, it is about the smooth, balanced tea notes that draw people back for another sip.

At the same time, it is not about stuffy tea time. It is about enjoyable drinking with a little versatility. Whether enjoyed with a fruit salad, barbecue or even with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, there are plenty of food pairings that work well.

It is interesting that no one has made a hard green tea yet. While matcha has found its way into cocktails, it is not part of the beverage trend. Given that Lipton has a great green tea, some with fruit flavors, it would be interesting to see if that flavor possibility could be on the horizon.

The Lipton Hard Iced Tea is made with real brewed Lipton tea, natural fruit flavors, and a malt base. A can has 5% ABV. It is available in a 12-can variety pack. Lemon and Peach are available on 24oz cans. They can be found in select states,,, Instacart and Drizly.