Jose Andres makes a special appearance on Disney Junior’s Firebuds, first look

FIREBUDS - “Shelter Island” (Disney)CHEF FRAN, CHEF AL, CHEF PAVANI, photo provided by Disney Junior
FIREBUDS - “Shelter Island” (Disney)CHEF FRAN, CHEF AL, CHEF PAVANI, photo provided by Disney Junior /

Children’s television programming can be more than just simple entertainment. Often there are lessons woven into that storyline. On Disney Junior’s Firebuds, the animated series follows the children of first responders as they look to assist their community. In the upcoming episode, “Shelter Island/Escape from Shelter Island,” celebrated chef and humanitarian Jose Andres joins the series to spread the message of helping others.

Disney Junior often features famous faces and voices in its various children’s programming. Carefully woven into the storyline, that familiar name adds to the authenticity of the concept. Many people might remember Aarti Sequeira appearing on Mira, Royal Detective. The popular Food Network chef introduced young viewers to a world of flavor.

In an upcoming episode of Disney Junior’s Firebuds, Jose Andres is one of several well-known chefs who are lending their likeness to the episode’s story line. According to Disney Junior, the episode, “Shelter Island/Escape from Shelter Island” features the following: “When a flood hits Gearbox Grove, the Firebuds join Food First Responders, Chef Al and Chef Pavani, and Duke the Duckbus on their mission to deliver meals to evacuees at the town recreation center.” In addition to Jose Andres, (“We Feed People”) as Chef Al, Padma Lakshmi (“Top Chef”) aka Chef Pavani, and Patton Oswalt aka Duke the Duckbus (“Ratatouille”) guest star.

Disney Junior’s Firebuds has graciously provided this exclusive clip from the episode to FoodSided.

Chef Andres is showcased doing what World Central Kitchen does best, bringing food to those in need during times of crisis. From the wartime to natural disasters, World Central Kitchen has stepped in whenever and wherever it is needed. It might be taking over a restaurant, setting up a food truck, or even pulling out that infamous gigantic paella pan, the reality is that World Central Kitchen understands that a plate of food is more than curbing hunger. It is a soothing the soul when the world is crumbling all around.

Since Firebuds is a Disney Junior show, the concept is age appropriate. The importance of being safe before rushing into action is vital and the clip captures that sentiment.

Disney Junior’s Firebuds featuring Jose Andres
FIREBUDS – “Shelter Island” (Disney)CHEF FRAN, CHEF AL, CHEF PAVANI, photo provided by Disney Junior /

More importantly, this episode can open a bigger discussion about how food can and does unite people. Those gestures of kindness do not have to be limited to times of need. Maybe making a meal for a neighbor or friend can be just as important as helping those first responders during those vital moments.

Be sure to tune into the special episode of Disney Junior’s Firebuds, “Shelter Island/Escape from Shelter Island” on Thursday, May 4. It is set to air 10:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m. EDT on Disney Channel/12:55-1:25 p.m. EDT on Disney Junior.