See’s Candies Chocolate Shop candle brings the sweet aroma to every day

Chocolate Shop Candle amongst an assortment of See's chocolates, photo provided by See's Candies
Chocolate Shop Candle amongst an assortment of See's chocolates, photo provided by See's Candies /

Whether it is that iconic peanut brittle, an impeccable truffle, or maybe one of the Bourdeaux candies, See’s Candies has and will always be part of any sweet celebration. As the box opens for the first time, the enticing aroma brings the anticipation of perfect deliciousness. With the new See’s Candies Chocolate Shop candle, that tempting sweet scent can be enjoyed any day and every day.

Launched just in time for springtime gift giving moments, the See’s Candies Chocolate Shop candle captures the enjoyment of being in that iconic candy shop. It might not be like grandma’s chocolate chip cookies, but the fragrance captures those notes from the classic candies.

As Pat Egan, President & CEO said, “There is nothing quite like opening the doors to a See’s Candies shop. Being greeted with a warm smile, a sample, and that wonderful chocolate smell of our fresh candies is something we know our customers love. We’ve tried long and hard to capture the incredible scent of walking into a See’s shop, and I’m thrilled to share that we’ve done it. Now, customers can feel (and smell) that joy every day!”

See's Candies Chocolate Shop candle
Chocolate Shop Candle amongst an assortment of See’s chocolates, photo provided by See’s Candies /

The special candle features notes of vanilla, caramel, and cacao. The vanilla offers that comforting feel. It is like a warm hug on a day that needs a little extra support. The caramel brings a sugary sweetness that is like a ray of sunshine. Pushing away any drabness, the caramel is that brightness. Completing the trio, the cacao offers a richness. Just like chocolate is that always perfect indulgence, the cacao brings everything together in harmony.

Dressed in the iconic black and white brand packaging, the See’s Candies Chocolate Shop Candle makes for the perfect gift. Whether given on its own or paired with a box of favorite truffles, smashmallows, or other treats, any See’s Candies fan will be thrilled to sit back, relax and enjoy the ambiance.

The candle is in partnership with Ritual + Fancy, a woman-owned small business. The 10 oz candle has a 50-hour burn time. It can be purchased in shops and See’s Candies online for $28.00.