Jolly Rancher Gummies get a colorful, artistic makeover

Sometimes people grab a bag of candy, food, or other item because it is their favorite. From a distance someone can spot that orange wrapper or maybe see that iconic font. While there is comfort in the familiar, sometimes a little spark can change the experience. Jolly Rancher Gummies have a new look, and the artwork has everyone talking.

Art will always be subjective. While one person might prefer bold, graphic designs, another person is drawn to subtle, impressionistic pastels. No matter where a person sits on the spectrum, art elicits a response. It invites a moment to ponder, to discuss, and to react.

Recently, Jolly Rancher Gummies unveiled new limited-edition packaging featuring designs. Created by Danielle Mastrion from New York, Joe Starkweather from Miami and Evan Farrell (KidWiseman) from Los Angeles, these street artists brought their aesthetic to the package and murals in select city. Even though that iconic blue bag is still in the background, the new look has many people taking a second or more look.

According to Danielle Ford, Brand manager, Jolly Rancher, “From packages to murals, seeing bold art inspired by Jolly Rancher Gummies is exciting. The murals and packaging are inspiring, colorful and full of energy. We hope fans can pick up a bag at their local store and go visit a mural near them.”

Jolly Rancher Gummies art packages

Los Angeles-inspired Jolly Rancher Gummies Packaging created by Kid Wiseman., photo provided by Jolly Rancher

Even though some people might wonder why a candy company has chosen to put art on display in a bold way, the concept showcases that food can open doors to a bigger conversation. Beyond building that bigger table, food is that common connector. Seeing art on a favorite candy bag could be the spark to encourage someone to pick up a pen and draw, or take a moment to just enjoy a mural. There are many times where people just pass by the world. If these artistic interpretations on a candy bag can have people taking a moment, they have done their job.

For Jolly Rancher fans, do not worry about the candy inside the bag. Nothing has changed to that fruit forward, chewy treat. All the flavors are the same. But, the design might bring a little extra enjoyment to the eating experience.

The three designs are available in 7oz and 13oz pouches, at participating retailers nationwide. In addition, the murals from artists Danielle Mastrion from New York, Joe Starkweather from Miami and Evan Farrell (KidWiseman) from Los Angeles will be showcased in their respective cities.