Kraft Heinz HOMEBAKE 425°/:30 offers almost limitless meal possibilities

Kraft Heinz HOMEBAKE 425°/:30 give home cooks dinner confidence, photo provided by Kraft Heinz
Kraft Heinz HOMEBAKE 425°/:30 give home cooks dinner confidence, photo provided by Kraft Heinz /

For many people, dinner time can come with a side of uncertainty. Even if the refrigerator and pantry are full, the ability to combine ingredients on the plate for a composed meal is not quite that simple. Some flavors work with one protein yet another side might not be the best combination. If there was a guiding hand to connect all the possibilities, it can give the home cook a little more confidence. With Kraft Heinz HOMEBAKE 425°/:30, the oven opens to a flavorful meal experience.

Even though people’s schedules are busy, a home cooked meal just hits differently. While there is a time and place for the drive-thru or even takeout, there is something about the anticipation for the first bite as the aromas from the oven take over the space. Even though some home cooks might not be quite as confident cooking from scratch, a little guiding hand can help keep the oven on and the table full.

While meal prep kits have become popular, some people are not ready to step into the whole cooking process. The fear of burning that sauteed fish or undercooking that chicken lingers in the mind. Before the cook can drop into that perfectly poached egg, it might be better to master the simple scramble.

With the Kraft Heinz HOMEBAKE 425°/:30, the various offerings are like the training wheels in the kitchen. Putting aside the slicing, dicing, and various cooking components, the heat and serve dishes allow the home cook to think about how and why a dinner is composed. Putting together the main protein and sides for a complete dinner can be that first step towards kitchen confidence.

Kraft Heinz HOMEBAKE
Kraft Heinz HOMEBAKE 425°/:30 give home cooks dinner confidence, photo provided by Kraft Heinz /

The new offering is composed of various frozen entrée, side, and veggie dishes. While each item is tasty on its own, there are over 500 possible menu combinations. For anyone who can get bored with the same dinner, this meal solution ensures no repeats for an entire year.

Speaking to this food product launch, Alan Kleinerman, Vice President of Disruption, Kraft Heinz said, “With HOMEBAKE 425°/:30, we’re giving consumers solutions to the pain points we all experience when cooking, and shattering the notion that there needs to be a tradeoff when it comes to quality, convenience, customization, and crave-ability. As a company, we’re doubling down on disruptive and insight-led innovation. HOMEBAKE 425°/:30 is a great example of this as we redefine what’s possible for the entire frozen category.”

The HOMEBAKE offering consists of various entrees including Chicken Parmesan, Southwest Style Chipotle Chicken, and Italian Style Meatballs. Sides include Parmesan Crusted Potato Medley, Loaded Scalloped Potatoes, and Creamy Tomato Tuscan Style Pasta. Also, vegetable options are Italian Style Cauliflower, Cheesy Broccoli, Green Bean Casserole, and Teriyaki Vegetable Blend.

Although some of the food pairings might be obvious, there is no right or wrong combination. Some people might prefer a Southwest Style Chipotle Chicken with a Teriyaki Vegetable Blend. It could be that undiscovered food combination that makes dinner more interesting.

Many people will be drawn to this product because of the cooking time. Within 30 minutes, a balanced dinner can be on the table. For many people, that end game is what matters most.

When time, effort, and hunger need to be in balance, Kraft Heinz HOMEBAKE 425°/:30 is the answer. It is far from those 1950s TV dinners but it does give home cooks the ability to put their feet up and avoid some dinner time stress.