Would you support National Pineapple Juice Day?

Pineapple Juice Deserves its Own Holiday! Sign the petition today!
Pineapple Juice Deserves its Own Holiday! Sign the petition today! /

Many people start their day with a glass of juice. Orange, grapefruit, and combinations of flavors create sweet, sometimes tarts, and often juicy beverages. Since there are many fruits to be squeezed, isn’t there room to celebrate the many options available. Ready for National Pineapple Juice Day?

Dole and pineapples have been perfect pairs. While there are a plethora of recipes to use that tropical fruit, many people enjoy pineapple juice.

From a simple glass to being used in a recipe, pineapple juice has an inherent sweetness that many people enjoy. Even though some people might struggle with the cutting and coring of that fruit, opening a bottle of pineapple juice is perfectly simple.

Given the many uses and enjoyment of pineapple juice, why isn’t there a National Pineapple Juice Day? Dole wants to rectify that situation.

According to Orzse Hodi, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Americas, Dole Packaged Foods, LLC., “As the leader in pineapple juice, we strongly believe this tropical beverage deserves its own day to be celebrated. We ask pineapple juice drinkers to join us and help make Pineapple Juice Day real.”

National Pineapple Day by Dole
Pineapple Juice Deserves its Own Holiday! Sign the petition today! /

Now through May 31, 2023, Dole is asking pineapple juice lovers to sign this petition. For every signature, Dole will donate to Feeding America (up to $5,000), which supports the Dole Promise.

Given that there seems to be national food days for almost any and every beverage, dessert, ingredient, or just food item, why shouldn’t there be a National Pineapple Day. Pineapple juice is a great source of Vitamin C. Dole juice has no added sugar and is gluten free.

While many people are happy to enjoy a glass, pineapple juice can be used in many ways. Of course, everyone has learned to make a Dole Whip. It is equally enjoyable in other beverages Beyond cocktails, pineapple juice in a marinade is lovely. Some fajita recipes use pineapple juice as a way to tenderize the beef and add a touch of sweetness.

Are you ready for National Pineapple Juice Day? Will you sign Dole’s petition?