Lay’s sandwich inspired chips seek to solve a tasty food debate

Lay’s sandwich inspired chips, photo provided by Lay's
Lay’s sandwich inspired chips, photo provided by Lay's /

From a hamburger to a simple sandwich, chips can make that meal taste better. It can be a contrast of textures or flavors. Sometimes it is as simple as just wanting another food item on the plate. While all of those situations are true, there is a tasty food debate that Frito-Lay is bringing up for discussion. Are the new Lay’s sandwich inspired chips better on or in the sandwich?

Over the years, Lay’s potato chips have been pushing flavor boundaries. While there will always be a place for the classic potato chip, it is the Tastes of America or a bold spice version that have people running to the store for that first bite.

Flavors will always bring excitement, but the choices need to strike a cord with snack food lover. Even if pickle flavored anything might fly off the shelf, others might be a little more skeptical with that Borsch flavored variety.

The new Lay’s sandwich inspired chips are inspired by popular sandwiches. The flavors are: Lay’s BLT Sandwich, Lay’s Wavy Cuban Sandwich, and Baked Lay’s Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. The idea is that these chips mimic the flavors of those sandwiches. It might not be the exact same bite, but it offers the flavor essence of the sandwich.

Lay’s sandwich inspired chips include BLT sandwich
Lay’s sandwich inspired chips include BLT sandwich, photo by Cristine Struble /

For example, the Lay’s BLT Sandwich has the unctuous bacon note with a brightness from a tomato flavor. The Cuban Sandwich captures a cheese, porky flavor. And the Buffalo Chicken, the most approachable of the trio, has that buffalo sauce with a hint of cheese.

Overall, each of the chip flavors deliver on their names. But, there is a more interesting question to debate. Could these chips be even better on that signature sandwich?

With the BLT, that added crunch from the chips works well. Although the lettuce often brings the texture on that sandwich, the chips have a bigger crunch factor. It is quite tasty.

The most interesting ingredient combination is the Buffalo Chicken on a burger. That tangy, cheese flavor with a rich burger works really well. It is a definite vote for chip in. Or, use the chip pieces as a coating on a chicken. That option is a must try.

Why not get a bag of the Lay’s sandwich inspired chips and try some options for yourself. From sandwiches to burgers to piled high on the plate, there are plenty of reasons to open a bag.