Lay’s Potato Chips fan favorite flavors celebrate snacking with a smile

Lay's Potato Chips, Smile with Lay's Fried Pickles with Ranch, photo by Cristine Struble
Lay's Potato Chips, Smile with Lay's Fried Pickles with Ranch, photo by Cristine Struble /

Snacks always bring smiles and the Lay’s Potato Chips gives an extra reason to smile.

While many people miss seeing friends’ smiling faces, Lay’s Potato Chips and their fan favorite flavors are here to bring some extra smiles to everyone. The snack aisle is now filled with smiling faces on those Lay’s potato chips. Which fan favorite flavors will make you smile today?

As the third year of these Lay’s chips being on store shelves, those smiling faces and inspiring stories bring a little sense of joy to people. While a big bowl of potato chips can be the moment of snacking zen, many people are looking for positive stories and moments. It doesn’t have to be that huge occasion, sometimes the connection through a smile is a reason to celebrate.

This year, the Millions of Smiles bags look to raise $1 million for Operation Smile. That charity helps millions of patients by provided free surgeries to correct cleft lip, cleft palate or other facial differences.

According to Kristie Magee Porcaro, Chief Strategy Officer and Partnerships Operation Smile, “The Smile with Lay’s program reflects the true power of how a smile can change the world.” While this charity makes a difference on a large scale, everyone can make a difference through their own smiling way.

This year, the Smile with Lay’s program features 70 different bag designs. While the “Everyday Smilers” created their own photos at home this year, the authenticity of their stories come through even more clearly. From a little playful to joyful, these smiles could encourage everyone to find a little happiness both from and outside of the Lay’s Potato Chips bag.

According to Sadira Furlow, vice president of marketing, Frito-Lay North America, said, “people are looking for more reasons to smile than ever before.” and these inspiring stories inspire others. “Lay’s has the power to reach millions of Americans every day. We already know that what’s inside the bag brings joy, but turning the Lay’s bag into a canvas to multiple that happiness factor is what makes the Smiles program so special.”

While many people celebrate the smiles, a few snack fans are excited about the return of some fan favorite flavors. In conjunction with the Smile with Lay’s program, three limited time flavors are returning. The Lay’s Fried Pickles with Ranch, Lay’s Hot Sauce (in partnership with Frank’s RedHot) and Lay’s Kettle Cooked Beer Cheese.

Given that pickle flavors are still having a moment, many people will be stocking up on the Fried Pickles with Ranch potato chips. Whether you enjoy these chips as a snack, side or as a topping to your chicken sandwich, it is best to buy several bags (but don’t hoard all the chips).

Also, the Lay’s Hot Sauce is part of a big food trend. Frank’s RedHot has been everywhere this fall. From special homegating to flavoring restaurant sandwiches, it seems that everyone is craving spicy sauces.

Don’t miss your chance to enjoy these Lay’s Potato Chips fan favorite flavors and the Smiles with Lay’s program. Why not buy an extra bag for a friend and share a smile. Just because that smile is behind a mask doesn’t mean that people can’t see it.

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What is your favorite Lay’s potato chip flavor?