James Van Der Beek invites everyone to take Quaker Chewy Play Pledge

James Van Der Beek for Quaker Chewy Play Pledge, photo provided by Quaker Chewy
James Van Der Beek for Quaker Chewy Play Pledge, photo provided by Quaker Chewy /

The idea of putting down a device, stepping outside, and playing might sound a little simplistic but the concept can sometimes be forgotten. In a world full of schedules, activities, and other to-do items, the idea of play can get lost. As part of the Quaker Chewy Play Pledge, James Van Der Beek wants everyone get outside and have some family togetherness.

From throwing a ball to a game of tag, playtime is more than just a simple diversion. Various organizations believe that kids can learn socialization, observation, and other skills beyond physical activity when spending time on a playground. Whether enjoyed with a big group or just with a parent, those few moments can have a bigger impact beyond the few moments of diversion.

Recently, James Van Der Beek partnered with Quaker Chewy to help promote the Quaker Chewy Play Pledge. While the popular food brand has long supporter children’s causes, this concept asks not just the kids to play, but the adults to join in the fun.

Specifically, the Quaker Chewy Play Pledge asks people to commit to one hour of uninterrupted play. While some people might think of all the things that can be done in that 60 minutes, the point is to put that list aside and focus on the people, the activity, and the memories to be made. It does not have to be an orchestrated event, it just has to be the conscious decision to get up, act, and hopefully have a little fun along the way.

Quaker Chewy play area with James Van Der Beek
Quaker Chewy play area with James Van Der Beek, photo provided by Quaker Chewy /

Regarding this “Take Your Child to Play” initiative, James Van Der Beek spoke to FoodSided. This concept is something that his family fully appreciates. Having decided to move to Texas so that his family had more space to enjoy the outdoors, Van Der Beek believes that those moments of fun can be an opportunity to connect as a family. It does not have to be perfect; it just has to happen.

Van Der Beek believes that the playtime facilitates ”the freedom to just be a kid.” While he recalled moments growing up playing tennis or football with his siblings, those moments were times where memories were made without the pressure of turning it into a moment. He said that kids will often guide the situation. Looking back at his childhood, he could recall happy moments that involved everyone just having fun together. It was not necessarily that carefully planned event. It was just a day that had everyone laughing, smiling, and being together.

As a father of a six, Van Der Beek admitted that maybe he did not realize how loud his house might have been growing up. It is a situation that he appreciates now.

All of that talking, laughing, or just noise is a notification that people are communicating. That back and forth is vital not just for making connection but to better understand each other. Adults can learn from kids; it is not always the other way around.

While some people might be planning that family vacation or big family gathering, the itinerary might need a moment to have the “un-scheduled” time. That moment of human connection, shared connection, can be far greater than checking off another item on that list or capturing the footage to share on social media.

Having fun is something that some people might have forgetting over time. This idea of pledging uninterrupted play time might be focused on the kids, but there is a big benefit for the adults. Putting down the phone, being engaged with others beyond a screen needs to be a priority. Connection is more than just saying the right words, it is relating and reacting to the people around you. This Quaker Chewy Play Pledge might be aimed at getting kids to play, but there is no age limit on the benefit of play. The view is better when it is not seen through the lens of a screen.

Are you willing to commit to Quaker Chewy Play Pledge? When was the last time that you went outside to play?