Pillsbury Brunch Bouquets are a sweet expression of love

Pillsbury Brunch Bouquets include Doughboy's Simply Sweet Bouquet, photo provided by Pillsbury
Pillsbury Brunch Bouquets include Doughboy's Simply Sweet Bouquet, photo provided by Pillsbury /

Whether it is Mother’s Day, a birthday, or just because, sharing a plate of food with someone can be a way to celebrate that connection. From a sweet treat to a favorite food, that meal enjoyed together brings smiles around. For those people who prefer that delightful mid-day meal, the Pillsbury Brunch Bouquets will be the star of the event.

Flowers are a popular gift for Mother’s Day and other special occasions. While that first presentation is stunning, the blooms only last for so long. After a few days, the vibrant colors fade and the petals droop.

Over the years, food bouquets have become more popular. From the bacon to nuggets to even cupcakes, there are plenty of ways to transform food into a visually stunning presentation. Unlike the floral variety, these bouquets will be enjoyed before they go stale.

As Tiffany Seelen, Senior Manager, Brand Experience, Pillsbury said, “Pillsbury and the Doughboy are synonymous with baking up family memories, so creating limited-edition Brunch Bouquets for Mother’s Day felt like the perfect way to celebrate mom, and all the beloved mother-figures in our lives, with the most delicious bouquet they’ll ever receive.”

Recently, Pillsbury partnered with Miami-based chef, Amaris Jones, Chick’N Jones, to create some Pillsbury Brunch Bouquets. While the exact recipes were available for order via her Miami restaurant, anyone can take this idea and make it themselves.

The sweet food bouquet features some of the favorite Pillsbury items and a few other treats. While these recipes are some options, people making this idea at home can customize it however they prefer.

Pillsbury Brunch Bouquets for Mother's Day
Pillsbury Brunch Bouquet ideas, photo provided by Pillsbury /

Here are the items included in the Doughboy’s Simply Sweet Brunch Bouquet:

  • Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll Roses with icing
  • Pillsbury Grands! Buttermilk Biscuits Blossoms covered in cinnamon sugar with a peach cobbler center
  • Pillsbury Crescent Roll Twists with strawberry preserves and cinnamon sugar
  • Pillsbury Crescent Rolls filled with guava and cream cheese
  • Fresh Strawberries

For the Doughboy’s Chocolate Dipped Delights Bouquet, the items include:

  • Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll Pops coated in white chocolate and sprinkles
  • Pillsbury Grands! Buttermilk Biscuit Doughnut Holes with coconut pineapple cream filling
  • Pillsbury Crescent Roll Pinwheels with bright pink chocolate ganache
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Looking at these two food bouquets, the home cook can modify the concept as needed. Adding preserves inside of a Crescent Roll or biscuit is not necessarily overly difficult, but it can be intimidating for some. An alternative is to offer some preserves on the table which people can use as a accompaniment.

Also, the food bouquet can be supplemented with some store bought items. No one has to hand-dip the strawberries. Or, if mom likes doughnuts, those can be added to the mix. Basically, this recipe is a starting point. Let the person who is receiving the gift guide the food and flavor insides of it.

This year, instead of a brunch buffet, tea tower, or other sweets display, why not create Pillsbury Brunch Bouquets. It will be the star of the table and make the recipient feel that life is sweeter with them.