Father’s Day gifts need to focus on this four-letter word to make dad smile

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Still haven’t found the perfect Father’s Day gifts? The answer comes down to a four-letter word, and it isn’t sock or soap. The answer is simple, easy and always flavorful. Dad wants meat.

Whether dad wants to grill for the holiday, wants you to stock the fridge with food or craves some tasty snacks, meat is the four-letter word that will make dad happy on his special day. With so many options available, it might be hard to narrow down the perfect gift.

While mom often gets flowers on Father’s Day, why not give dad a different bouquet, a meat bouquet. Manly Man Company has a variety of Father’s Day gifts, including those infamous jerky bouquets.

From bacon roses to all types of cured meat options, the Manly Company definitely brings the meat for Father’s Day. And, if you opt for one of the meat bouquets with a beer mug, consider giving dad some beer, too. It is another four-letter word that would probably make dad smile.

For a more traditional approach, Hickory Farms always offers a huge bounty of tasty dad-approved gifts. With so many options for dad to sink his teeth into, gift givers will have to narrow it down to a few choices.

One amazing option in the Father’s Day line-up is the new Father’s Day Wine & Savory Snack Collection. In addition to the meat that dad craves, the gift box includes specially paired cheese, crackers and a bottle of wine. Had dad the remote and this gift box for a delightfully relaxing day.

If dad prefers to man the grill for Father’s Day, a selection from Omaha Steaks is always a great choice. From those premium hamburgers to the beautifully marbled steaks, ever offering from Omaha Steaks is guaranteed to be delicious.

And, if dad’s grilling chops need a little help, Omaha Steaks has you covered. Their blog has a variety of cooking tips and videos. Hopefully, there will be no more well-done steaks on that celebratory table.

While the meat might be the star of the show, that succulent steak and juicy burger is even tastier with the right seasoning. Luckily McCormick Grill Mates offers a variety of seasonings for anything that dad is cooking. From Mark Consuelo’s girl dad approved recipe to a bolder, smoky option, there is a blend that will definitely kick up the flavors for the feast.

For the more experienced cook in the house, head to Spiceology and its chef-inspired seasonings. From some of the favorite Top Chef fan favorites to global flavors, there is a spice blend that might make dad want to be the next MasterChef.

Lastly, if dad needs a little help making those meat gifts shine. Amazon Explore has a variety of gifts and experiences that start just at $10. From cooking classes like The Argentine Asado: Cooking Different Cuts of Meat to travel excursions, there all types of ideas to explore.

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Have a great suggestion for some Father’s Day gifts? Can you think of another four-letter word that could make for a great gift?