Kit Kat Churro captures the essence of that classic sweet dessert

Kit Kat Churro arrives just in time for summer fun, photo provided by Kit Kat/Hershey's
Kit Kat Churro arrives just in time for summer fun, photo provided by Kit Kat/Hershey's /

Even though eating churro might come with sugar and cinnamon falling on a shirt, the sweet, warm, dough dessert is delicious. Although the theme park variety might be different from the restaurant version, the simple pleasure of eating churro cannot be denied. In the latest limited-edition flavor, Kit Kat Churro is going to be the hit of the summer.

Over the years, Kit Kat has evolved its classic wafer candy in a multitude of ways. From the popular Duos line to limited-edition flavors like Blueberry Muffin, Fruity Cereal, and even Birthday Cake, the popular Hershey candy brand is never afraid to explore flavor possibilities. That crisp wafer and cream can adapt to almost anything. From the next food trend to a favorite flavor, breaking into that candy always brings excitement.

Speaking to the new Kit Kat Churro flavor, Alex Herzog, Associate Kit Kat Brand Manager said, “We love seeing fan’s responses to our limited-edition Kit Kat flavors – especially one as universally loved as churros. We hope that every bite of the buttery, churro flavor and familiar crispy crunch of our wafers unlocks memories of the delightful experience of enjoying freshly baked churros from the boardwalk stand, amusement park, or the local fair.”

Recently, Hershey’s offered a taste-test preview of the new Kit Kat Churro. Upon opening the package, the churro-like aroma is evident. It is that sugary, cinnamon note that feels warm, comforting. More importantly, it invites, almost implores, that first bite. Just like the aroma that wafts in the air at a theme park or state fair, it makes the craving irresistible.

Kit Kat Churro
Kit Kat Churro arrives just in time for summer fun, photo provided by Kit Kat/Hershey’s /

Upon first bite, there is a buttery note to the cream that envelopes the crispy wafers. It adds to the creaminess without becoming overpowering. While the cinnamon is there, it is the sweetness that takes hold. The candy might not be warm from the frier, but it captures that need to take the first, second and more bite.

The interesting part about enjoying the Kit Kat Churro is the little notes of sugary crunch. Studded in the cream are these little bursts of extra sweetness. It mimics that crunch, sugar coating on the churro.

Thinking about this Kit Kat flavor, it would be lovely with a dulce de leche cake as a topping. The combination of sweet flavors would be amazing. Even topping a simple chocolate cake would add some contrast to the richness of the chocolate. It might be best to buy a few extra packages to experiment with all the possibilities.

And, since summer fun is all about embracing indulgence. Why not consider a popcorn/Kit Kat mix while watching those movies or enjoying those fireworks. A salty sweet combination is always enjoyable.

The new Kit Kat Churro will be available starting on June 6, National Churro Day. It is a limited-edition flavor. Check with retailers for availability and pricing.