New Light + Fit Zero Sugar Drinks bring full flavor without compromise

Light + Fit Zero Sugar Drink Strawberry Banana, photo provided by Dannon
Light + Fit Zero Sugar Drink Strawberry Banana, photo provided by Dannon /

From the quick grab on a busy morning to a quiet moment to just breathe, having a food choice that fits all those occasions is important to consumers. More importantly, that food option needs to fit into a balanced lifestyle. With the new Light + Fit Zero Sugar Drinks, it is time to toast to positivity at every turn.

Many people enjoy yogurt at various meals. Whether paired with fruit, granola, or eaten on its own, the food is a refrigerator staple. But, not all yogurts are created equal. Some people are looking to make conscious choices about their sugar intake.

As shared by the Light + Fit, a study showed that nearly 50% of adults are concerned about their sugar intake and feel that sugar is the number one ingredient that they are trying to reduce in their diet. But, they do not want to comprise on flavor. Light + Fit Zero Sugar brings a creamy, flavorful option to the table, but it leaves out the excess sugar.

Light + Fit has several zero sugar options in their line. These flavors have the protein that people want but are lower calorie and have zero sugar. The choices are Vanilla, Strawberry, Peach, Mixed Berry in single serve and 4 packs for Vanilla and Strawberry.

While there is a time and a place for a spoon, the reality is that busy schedules often require on-the-go options. Packing a spoon for carpool line is not necessarily the most effective choice. As consumers crave more lifestyle adjacent food options, brands need to evolve to stay relevant.

The new Light + Fit Zero Sugar Drinks bring those classic flavors to a drinkable option. Without the need to dirty the blender or sit down with a spoon, this grab and go option brings that creamy, fruit forward flavor to any locale. At just 40 calories a serving and 8 grams of protein per bottle, the flavorful beverage is great for a snack, paired with a meal, or just enjoyed when there is a need for a pick me up.

To celebrate the new Light + Fit Zero Sugar Drinks, Danone has launched a new campaign to celebrate women and encourage them to break out the mold. It is time to put the meek aside and embrace that fierce attitude.

According to Surbhi Martin, Vice President, Greek Yogurt & Functional Nutrition at Danone North America, “Our goal is to inspire women to be bravely unapologetic about what they want, including embracing their snack cravings and desire for full-on flavor without compromise. Through this integrated marketing campaign, our hope is to connect with new audiences by spotlighting how Light + Fit’s irresistible flavor enables people to indulge their cravings without the guilt.”

That willingness to put the focus on the positive is key in the food world. Negative connotations or even the word “guilt” needs to be removed from the food conversation. Being proud of a choice, understanding yourself, and not let others put a label on decision is vital. After all, eating is part of life and there should never be that “g” word attached to it.

For anyone who is ready to celebrate that positive vibe and toast to their own fierce attitude, Light + Fit Zero Sugar Drinks are waiting to be enjoyed. Life is short and it should be spent in that celebratory, positive spotlight.