Liquid Death and Whitney Cummings make people think twice about that plastic bottle

Whitney Cummings for Liquid Death, photo provided by Liquid Death
Whitney Cummings for Liquid Death, photo provided by Liquid Death /

When people crack open a can of Liquid Death, they expect the unexpected. Beyond the bold flavors, creative names, and curious imagery, it is the can of water itself that sparks a conversation. In the brand’s latest campaign with comedian Whitney Cummings, it is time to finally say “death to plastic.”

For some of us that are a certain age, the plastic water bottle was not part of every work meeting, school day or road trip. If someone was thirsty, they filled a glass, drank from a water fountain, or, if outside, might have drunk from that water hose. It might be old fashioned, but staying hydrated did not come with a side of indestructible garbage.

Today, people want convenience. While there are plenty of reusable water bottles stacked in the cabinet, the single use water bottle is everywhere. From meetings to store shelves, the product is not disappearing anytime soon.

While the three “Rs” (reduce, reuse, recycle) have become part of the conversation, the reality is that many of those recyclable, one-use containers rarely find their way to that blue bin. According to Liquid Death, 95% of those recyclable items are just thrown in the trash. Those billions of trash pounds collect, but it is time to turn trash into treasure.

As seen in this new Liquid Death promo with Whitney Cummings, the tongue and cheek beverage brand is launching the “Recycled Plastic Surgery Center.” This little nip and tuck might be unexpected, but it does make for a compelling visual.

To be clear, this video, like many other promotional items from the brand, is meant to be humorous. No one should put plastic permanently into their body. But, that idea is exactly the point.

Given the amount of plastic trash accumulating throughout the plastic, people are ingesting plastic. It can be found in water ways, food sources, and other areas. It might not be as intentional as a “plastic bottle butt enhancement.” The reality is that people are ingesting plastic due to people’s trash.

Liquid Death has long believed that cans are better. The infinitely recycle aluminum cans are better for everyone. While the brand’s promotions make people laugh, death to plastic is not a laughing matter. The next time there is a choice to open, pick the can. Do not be like that plastic surgery center don’t video. Plastic is not a good look on anyone.