Elisa Strauss sees Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars as another sweet opportunity, interview

Elisa Strauss. © 2023 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Michael Becker/FOX.
Elisa Strauss. © 2023 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Michael Becker/FOX. /

Creating a successful food brand is more than just filling a void with a flavorful concept. The person behind the brand is as vital as the company. Elisa Strauss, Cake Designer and Owner of Confetti Cakes, is taking the next step to put her cake kits into everyone’s hands. As she steps into the Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars Competition, Elisa is ready to stack her success one layer at a time.

For those people in the know, Elisa Strauss has impressed with her visually creative cakes long before realistic cakes took over social media. What might have garnered attention by turning flour, butter, and sugar into an inspired sweet representation of a designer shoe became a bigger business. Through Confetti Cakes, she gives home bakers all the tools to create their own confectionery masterpiece.

When Elisa decided to step into the Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars Competition, she stood on the belief that her experience and her concept is something that the Ramsay brand could stand behind. As she shared during our conversation, “I’ve been running a business for 20 years. I have the culinary background, have been to pastry school, and I know how a business works. I might be the oldest in the competition, but it is to my advantage.” That experience is something that cannot be acquired through osmosis or created on social media. It takes hard work and perseverance to earn that success.

Looking back over her career, Elisa said that she has made 14 foot cakes and cakes for 10,000 people, but she understands that concept is not for the average person. During COVID she came up with the concept of Confetti Cakes where the kit gives the average person an opportunity to bring that confectionery creation to life in their own kitchen.

Specifically, Elisa states that she believes her ability to pivot shows value in the Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars competition. “Every day is different and that is what an entrepreneur does best.” One day it might be writing a cookbook and the next day it is creating these cake kits. That ability to see a need, fill that void, and find a way for it all to fit under her business umbrella will continue to bring her success.

Given that Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars is a competition, it will be interesting to see how the challenges play out. Although there are various food television shows and other investment shows, this one puts not just the business but also the business person to the test. A great product without a profit margin will not succeed. A brand without a keen mind driving the plan will not be successful. Seeing how the person and the product go hand in hand might be the key to winning Gordon Ramsay’s $250,000 funding.


One way that Elisa keeps pushing her brand forward is through collaboration. Previously she partnered with a peanut butter company, who happened to be an old college friend. The business woman who sees opportunity at every turn is the one whose business will thrive in any circumstance.

While food television show offers exposure on a grand scale, it is more than just a 60 minute episode that will guarantee a household name. Elisa believes that everyone needs to pay their dues. To take an analogy from the kitchen, no one becomes executive chef overnight. There are plenty of hours working the garnish station that accumulate to the higher position.

Still, Elisa believes in the simple concept told to her by her husband, with every conversation you learn something. It is an idea that anyone can and should appreciate, regardless of their industry.

For her, just being on Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars was an opportunity to grow. She mentioned that every time she interacted with Gordon, a special guest, and other successful business people, there were ideas, approaches, and lessons to be learned. That willingness to be open, listen, and apply will keep Elisa Strauss and her company. Confetti Cakes, on the road to greatness.

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