Gordon Ramsay believes his Caesars Entertainment partnership thrives for this reason, interview

Gordon Ramsay with Caesars Executives Terrence O'Donnel, Jr and Sean McBurney, photo provided by Caesars Palace
Gordon Ramsay with Caesars Executives Terrence O'Donnel, Jr and Sean McBurney, photo provided by Caesars Palace /

After serving its 2 millionth customer at Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas, the Caesars Entertainment and Gordon Ramsay partnership continues to flourish. While that one restaurant brings a taste of “eatertainment” as it offers a nod to the popular culinary competition, the numerous other restaurants both in Las Vegas and at other locales give a wide audience an opportunity to taste those delicious Ramsay dishes. During a conversation with FoodSided, Ramsay believes that partnership thrives for a simple reason.

To say that the Gordon Ramsay and Caesars Entertainment partnership is successful might be a great understatement. While his Las Vegas restaurants often receive the most fanfare, there are several other resort locations. Anyone who has watched Hell’s Kitchen has heard references to properties in Lake Tahoe, Atlantic City and elsewhere.

Still, the Las Vegas restaurants are a huge draw for the many visitors who come to the Strip. As Ramsay told FoodSided, “Las Vegas is one of the most exciting, most adventurous culinary landscapes anywhere on the planet.” Anyone who has stayed at a Caesars Entertainment property appreciates that it can be difficult to eat at all the celebrated restaurants during a single stay.

Chef Gordon Ramsay celebrates Hell's Kitchen at Caesars Palace fifth anniversary
Chef Gordon Ramsay celebrates Hell’s Kitchen at Caesars Palace fifth anniversary, photo provided by Caesars Palace /

Looking specifically at the Gordon Ramsay restaurants, they offer a wide range of cuisines and price ranges, which allows many guests to have the opportunity to taste some of the food that they have seen and heard about from the fiery chef. Whether it is that iconic beef wellington or the sweet bite of a sticky toffee pudding, everyone can say that they can enjoy something from a Gordon Ramsay kitchen.

Ramsay reminisced about his Caesars Entertainment partnership. As he said, “I first came here, back in 2008. When I was walking the strip, there were Alan Ducasse and Wolfgang Puck. I wondered how did I get here. But, I got my opportunity. I had my knives in my rucksack and I had arrived.” More importantly, he kept pushing, growing, and looking for the opportunity.


Looking just at Las Vegas, Ramsay Kitchen at Harrah’s Las Vegas is the most recent expansion. That restaurant combines some Ramsay classic dishes with a taste of the celebrated chef’s culinary journey across the globe. It offers guests another opportunity to get a glimpse into the Ramsay culinary landscape.

This latest offering is different from where Ramsay and Caesars Entertainment first started. As Ramsay said, “I’ve had an amazing relationship with Caesar’s over the last 13 years, and that partnership is synergy. They have the real estate, they have these amazing locations and the history.”

Ramsay reflected back on his opportunity to transform a little bistro space in Paris to what has become Gordon Ramsay Steak. Ramsay shared, “I remember the day we kicked off in Paris. It was phenomenal because we bought that French bourgeois with the classiness of a steakhouse. It all went down incredibly well. It was just so beautiful.”

While Ramsay recalled that there was plenty of hard work and long hours to make that first restaurant a success, he appreciates that he earned that place in culinary excellence. That foundation was set and continues to grow.


As Las Vegas is set to host the Formula 1 Grand Prix and Super Bowl LVIII, the opportunity for Caesars Entertainment to leverage not only the Gordon Ramsay partnership, but maybe even to expand it. While Ramsay has a presence in Caesars Palace, Paris, Planet Hollywood and Harrah’s, there are several other Caesars properties that could benefit from the Ramsay draw. Maybe there is a way to bring some of the UK Ramsay brands or one of his Studio Ramsay Entertainment brands into a new culinary experience. Given that this partnership does and will continue to thrive, only time will tell what doors will open.