Chef David Rose of Omaha Steaks serves best burger tips for summer entertaining

Best burger tips from Chef David Rose Omaha Steaks, photo provided by Omaha Steaks
Best burger tips from Chef David Rose Omaha Steaks, photo provided by Omaha Steaks /

It is time to light the grill because summer entertaining is on the menu. While some cooks might have a signature dish that receives rave reviews, the reality is that certain food choices are always on the table. For those cooks ready to up their grilling game, Chef David Rose of Omaha Steaks is divulging his best burger tips.

Grilling a great burger is a special skill. While starting with the right product is a must, no one wants to turn that beautiful beef into a bland disaster. Before the beef hits the flame, choosing the right burger for the overall recipe is key.

For example, Chef David has a signature French Onion Burger and he uses the Omaha Steaks filet mignon burger. When combined with the French Onion seasonings, Gruyere Cheese, and Brioche Bun, it captures the essence of that classic soup.

Overall, Omaha Steaks has a variety of recipes that use its different gourmet burger options. From big bold barbecue flavors to classic all-American varieties, there are options for everyone. It might be time to make that food trend, a burger bar.

When asked about his approach to a burger bar, Chef David shared the following, “For me, it starts with the cheese. You can’t go wrong with American cheese. That melts factor is just so great with American cheese. Then maybe add cheddar, something sharp, and also a Swiss cheese. Provolone is really good as well.”

The second, Chef David moves onto meat toppings. While a burger is a meat, adding more on top can be an over the top bite. He suggested having bacon or some pulled pork to add a different flavor profile.

Then, the more traditional condiments are a place where Chef David believes that creativity can shine. He said, “I love contrasting flavors and textures, but contrasting temperatures are another concept.” The idea of a cool coleslaw on top of that luscious burger is a perfect example.

Lastly, he recommends a variety of sauces, even a special sauce. Basically, there are many ways to create a burger bar. From artisan buns to toppings, it is good to get the guests involved.

best burger tips from Chef David Rose Omaha Steaks
Best burger tips from Chef David Rose Omaha Steaks, photo provided by Omaha Steaks /

The best burger tips to make the best bite ever

After picking a great burger, recipe, and ingredients, the food needs to be cooked properly. The best burger tips are more of reminder how not to ruin that beautiful bite.

For Chef David, he said, “the thing that make me cringe at any BBQ or cookout is when the griller presses down on the meat with the spatula. You want those juices to stay in the burger where it belongs because that’s what gives it flavor, that juiciness.”

Second, Chef David recommends only flipping the burger once. It is about letting the burger do its thing. Even if people want to have different doneness on their burger, it does not have to be complicated. From staggered cooking times to using a thermometer, the right tools can make anything possible.

Lastly, Chef David says never forget the importance of the bun. To avoid that soggy bun, it is better to toast the bun for about 30-40 seconds on the grill. That added texture adds to eating satisfaction and helps to keep the whole bite intact.

Since a great burger deserves a side, Chef David recommends looking for dishes that could be both a side and a topping. From coleslaw to chips, there are plenty of options. It does not have to be complicated. Why cannot there be multifunctional ingredients on the plate?

Summer entertaining is on the calendar, the grill is lit, and it is time to eat. With the best burger tips from Chef David Rose and Omaha Steaks, the food is going to get cheers all around.