Butterball Hearty Turkey Sausage Links deserve prime space on the grill

Butterball Hearty Turkey Sausage Links, photo provided by Cristine Struble
Butterball Hearty Turkey Sausage Links, photo provided by Cristine Struble /

Summer and grilling go hand in hand. While some people might turn to the classic hamburger or hot dog, sausage can be a more flavorful option. The Butterball Hearty Turkey Sausage Links are the newest food option that deserves prime space on the grill.

Sometimes home cooks look for food alternatives that fit into their balanced lifestyle choices. Swapping turkey for pork is a popular choice. From bacon to sausage, Butterball has been that trusted brand when people are looking for that food swap.

A new addition to the brand’s robust offerings is the Butterball Hearty Turkey Sausage Links. Available in two flavors, Old World Smoked Sausage and Polish-Style Sausage, the turkey sausage offerings mimic the texture of a traditional bratwurst. A bratwurst tends to have a coarser texture than some other sausage options. Since the sausage features turkey, the food offering has about 70% less fat that some traditional pork sausage options.

Choosing one option over the other is a personal choice. Both flavors are robust. The slight smoky notes of the Old World Smoked Sausage can make this option great in a skillet with some eggs or sliced in a hash. When grilled those smoky notes emerge and make for a nuanced, lovely flavor. Even if this sausage is enjoyed simply in a bun, it is quite enjoyable.

Even though not a traditional pairing, consider serving this sausage with some homestyle grits for a hearty brunch. While both flavors are robust, they contrast each other well.

Butterball Hearty Turkey Sausage Links
Butterball Hearty Turkey Sausage Links, photo provided by Cristine Struble /

For a more traditional grilled choice, the Polish-Style Sausage feels like the traditional grilled variety that appears on a grill or even at a ballpark. Whether topped simply with some spicy mustard or served with grilled onions on a pretzel bun, there are a plethora of pairings. Each one brings out different notes in the Butterball Hearty Turkey Sausage.

If a sausage off the grill is a summertime favorite, consider topping this sausage with some bold flavors. In addition to traditional onions and peppers, consider some giardiniera for added spice or mushrooms for a subtle flavor addition. Overall, this turkey sausage can be treated like its pork counterpart.

While the grill might be the best choice for cooking these sausages, they can be cooked in a skillet or even the microwave. One aspect adds to the eating experience. A little char or crispness on the sausage offers a nice contrast in texture. Plus, it can also deepen the flavor.

The Butterball Hearty Turkey Sausage Links are available in stores now. Check with retailers for availability and pricing.