Panera evolves the Rapid Pick-Up shelf to include Drive-Thru Pick-Up option

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) /

Many people love that sandwich, soup, salad, or pastry item from Panera. Even though the unlimited beverages might be one of the best food deals around, consumers are always looking for more, especially when it comes to convenience. The new Drive-Thru Pick-Up option, Panera gives another aspect to that Rapid Pick-Up option.

Recently, Panera expanded its offerings to include a Drive-Thru Pick-Up option. While the restaurant brand has used its digital ordering to its advantage, some people would prefer to order, drive, and go versus step out of their car. The additional option is not only targeting the loyal customers but also hoping to target a new group who is convenience driven.

As Chris Correnti, SVP, Channels and Guest Experience, Panera Bread said, “Panera pioneered the idea of digital ordering in the restaurant industry, and for years, our guests have loved the option to order ahead and pick their items up on the Rapid Pick-Up shelf. Now we’re extending that convenience to the drive-thru, giving our guests another fast and convenient way to get their favorite Panera meal.”

According to the restaurant brand, more than three million average transactions each week from digital channels including the app, kiosk and the web. Although there are plenty of people who still enjoy ordering from a person and taking a seat at the table, the company needs to find the balance. Given that there is such a strong presence from digital orders, it makes sense that the company will adapt to these offerings.

In addition, the order ahead and/or digital aspect allows the brand to track trends, patterns, and preferences. There is a tremendous amount of data to be analyzed in every order. With 50 percent of total system sales coming from the digital avenue, the brand needs to leverage this aspect.

By combining the digital order with the Drive-Thru Pick-Up option could help with order and processing efficiency. If customers can get their food quickly, and correctly, they will be more willing to order and order again. The idea builds trust and brand loyalty.

To entice that first Drive-Thru Pick-Up order, Panera will be offering $5 off a $15 order all June. The offer is available for MyPanera members. Use the code 5OFFDTPICKUP at checkout.