DOLE Whip Frozen Treat hits arrives in stores and summer snacking just got sweeter

DOLE Whip Frozen Treat available in stores, photo provided by Dole Packaged Foods
DOLE Whip Frozen Treat available in stores, photo provided by Dole Packaged Foods /

One of the most iconic frozen desserts is the DOLE Whip®. While that sweet, tropical treat has long been associated with Disney Parks, the perfectly creamy dessert is coming to retailers nationwide. Ready to put a DOLE Whip® Frozen Treat in your shopping cart?

Indulging in a dessert does not have to come with a negative connotation. Sometimes the sweet craving should be satisfied. A fruit forward option that feels indulgent can be the perfect bite.

For many people, the DOLE Whip® has been a Disney Parks staple. Whether enjoying a float while watching the Festival of Fantasy parade or cooling off with a special version at a Disney water park, the reality is the fruit-forward frozen treat is a must-enjoy.

When Disney Parks were temporarily closed, DOLE shared how to create that classic treat at home. Although the whirl of the blender builds anticipation, some people would rather eat, not prep, a treat.

The DOLE Whip® Frozen Treat is now available in stores. Made with real fruit, the flavor is fresh and refreshing. Sweetened with a touch of honey, the frozen dessert is a wonderful swap for other overly sugar-sweet option.

DOLE Whip Frozen Treat available in stores
DOLE Whip® Frozen Treat available in stores, photo provided by Dole Packaged Foods /

While the pineapple version is a classic, this option comes in a total of three flavors, pineapple, mango and strawberry. With the different flavors, people can be a little more creative with these 3.6 oz cups.

For example, why not create a personalized version of that float. Whether using pineapple juice, another fruit juice or just some sparkling water, the options are many. Some adults might want to swap the beverage for a little more potent option for cocktail hour.

Also, why not use the frozen dessert as a layer in a trifle or parfait. Layering fresh fruit with the frozen treat could make for a great way to increase that daily fruit quota.

Bringing the DOLE Whip® to grocery stores is one part of the Dole innovations that will be hitting store shelves. While fruit will be the basis for these new offerings, the food options will crossover snacking, beverages, frozen treats and more. Whether it is the new functional brand, The Secret Nature of Fruit, or classic DOLE offerings, consumers know that they can trust the product under that brand name.

For now, go grab a box of DOLE Whip® Frozen Treat at the local store. Summer snacking never tasted sweeter.