Knorr launches My Cardi B Taste Combo with her secret ingredient

My Cardi B Taste Combo from Knorr, photo provided by Knorr
My Cardi B Taste Combo from Knorr, photo provided by Knorr /

Planning a family dinner can require the versatility of a short order cook. Trying to appeal to everyone at the table starts to become overwhelming and can lead some people to just place a to-go order. With a few simple ideas and a well-stocked pantry, meal time can hit all the right notes. Knorr launched My Cardi B Taste Combo and it might even get the pickiest eater to clean her plate.

Knorr has been a pantry staple in many people’s kitchens. From the classic bouillon cubes that bring a depth of flavor to creative seasonings that are the highlight of a dish, there are a multitude of products and uses from the trusted brand.

Even more importantly, the Knorr brand can be the spark that brings people into the kitchen. Although the professional chef might make that intricately plated meal look easy, the reality is that cooking brings a sense of accomplishment, a moment of enjoyment, and an opportunity to come together.

Still, brands understand that the time spent in the kitchen needs to be cost effective and manageable. When that app is calling with dinner just a click away, it needs a spark to implore the home cook to pick up that pan instead.

My Cardi B Taste Combo from Knorr
My Cardi B Taste Combo from Knorr, photo provided by Knorr /

The new My Cardi B Taste Combo, in partnership with Cardi B, showcases how meal time can be approachable. From the main meal to pasta dishes, there is an option for any and every craving.

More importantly, the Knorr Taste Combos offer food ideas that are cost effective and well-balanced. With just 30 minutes and about $4 per serving, a meal that everyone will enjoy can be served on the table.

Speaking to their partnership, Cardi B said, “My Cardi B Taste Combo brings together protein, veggies and Knorr Bouillon. That bouillon, by the way, is my secret ingredient to turn up the taste for my family! With Knorr, everyone can create their own delicious combos in their own kitchens.” While some people might want to take a glimpse into that kitchen pantry, the reality is that this partnership showcases that Knorr is and will always be a staple ingredient.

From that one pan wonder to the skillet dish, home cooks understand that there is a balance between time and money. Trying to get the kids fed and out the door is no easy feat. But, if an idea can go from pan to table efficiently, they are more likely to skip the drive-thru line on the way to the next activity.

As Gina Kiroff, North America Marketing Lead for Knorr said, “While many turn to combo meals for an easy meal that tastes great and pleases many around the table, Knorr Taste Combos aims to remind everyone that such a delicious meal is also attainable – and easy to make – in the kitchen at home. By partnering with Cardi B, a Knorr fan and also busy working parent herself, we knew we could inspire families to create meals that may not be fast-food, but that are soooo good.”

Everyone is encouraged to join the cooking conversation. Whether shared via social media with the tag #KnorrVsCombo or discussed in real life, the idea is to get people excited about the concept of cooking. Even people who live in Manhattan or Chicago can get a taste of the offerings both in an actual storefront and via online ordering. More information can be found at

Getting the family to like that homemade dinner over the restaurant combo may not be as difficult as people think. With the right ingredients and attitude, delicious food is waiting to be discovered.