Rob Riggle ignites a new take on Father’s Day gift with Fireball Dragon Reserve, interview

Rob Riggle, aka Master Distiller Riggle, and Fireball Dragon Reserve, photo provided by Fireball
Rob Riggle, aka Master Distiller Riggle, and Fireball Dragon Reserve, photo provided by Fireball /

As Father’s Day approaches, the conversation about Father’s Day gifts is served on a platter. Although there are gifts which are practical or humorous, dear old dad might not be thrilled to open another golf shirt, silly baseball cap or that never appropriate soap on a rope. This year, it is time to set fire to those tired Father’s Day gift traditions. Rob Riggle, aka Master Distiller Riggle, has the gift suggestion that many men will appreciate, Fireball Dragon Reserve.

Bringing together Rob Riggle and Fireball Dragon Reserve might not seem like an obvious pairing, but it is an intriguing one. As Master Distiller Riggle, his influence comes through by encouraging people to appreciate the good moments and memories that can happen when opening a bottle. It might not always be the expected outcome, but it can be the one that fills the room with laughter.

During a recent conversation with Rob Riggle, he shared his thoughts about his Fireball partnership, his Father’s Day plans, and golf’s favorite toast, the birdie shot. While the conversation was sprinkled with laughter, Riggle never overlooked the meaning of Father’s Day, that time when families can connect, tell stories, and make memories.

Riggle shared that his father would drink bourbon when he would grill. He mentioned, “my father was out visiting me, and we would go out to grill and have a bourdon. We would sit, grill and talk.” In some ways, that simplicity might be something that many fathers want for that celebration. Time together over a great beverage and delicious food.

While Riggle is ready to pour one of the limited-edition Fireball Dragon Reserve bottles, his cooking method with his father had an interesting technique. He said, “we sit down, we grill, and by the time we are done with one, it is time to flip the steaks. By the time we are done with the second one, the steaks are done, and we are ready to have our meal. It is almost like our stop watch or the way that we determine how long to cook the steaks.”

Although that cooking technique might not be taught in culinary school, it captures what Father’s Day or family night cooking can be. It is not pretentious or complicated. The focus is about good times as much as it is about a delicious dinner.

Fireball understands that life’s special moments should be enjoyed, not served with a side of complication. The spicy, cinnamon flavored whiskey might ignite the tastebuds, but it is meant to enhance the moment. A little color in the cheeks can be a good thing.

One of the reasons why Fireball is releasing its limited-edition Fireball Dragon Reserve ahead of Father’s Day is for gift givers to offer guys a little extra this year. Sure, that world’s best coffee mug is great, but a bottle of liquor might be more appreciated.

Fireball Dragon Reserve and Rob Riggle
Rob Riggle, aka Master Distiller Riggle, and Fireball Dragon Reserve, photo provided by Fireball /

Riggle shared his thoughts on some Father’s Day gifts. While he is always appreciative of anything that he is given, one item he recalled thoughtfully. He said, “my daughter gave me a picture of her and I together. It is in a wonderful frame with some really nice words. I keep it in my office, and I look at it every day.”

While that gift is very special, Riggle believes that the new Fireball Dragon Reserve can be a great gift for the man of the house. From the nuanced flavor to the limited run, there are plenty of reasons why this bottle would make a great gift.

Specifically, the Fireball Dragon Reserve is a bourbon barrel aged offering. Using American oak, the highly charred barrels add another layer to that flavorful whiskey. For whisky drinkers who want to try something new, this offering shows that Fireball’s cinnamon forward notes can evolve in a lovely way.

While Riggle has many stories about sharing memories around the table with this family, he appreciates the connection that Fireball has to the golfing community. Riggle admitted, “I don’t imbibe until my game has derailed, usually around the third hole. Then, I’m like forget it and start to enjoy a cocktail. If I’m having a good round, I try to keep on center as best I can. And, of course, you have to have that birdie shot. For me, it might be a rarity.”

Whether the Fireball bottle takes a dent on the golf course or only a few drops are drunk, the reality is that Fireball and good times always go hand in hand. It could be time to pour a glass, have a laugh, tell some stories, and make memories on Father’s Day or any day.

For those who want to take the celebration up a notch, consider trying to get a bottle of the Fireball Dragon Reserve. Pre-orders are available starting on June 16 at 11 am EST via The bottle retails for $19.99 and only 618 bottles are available.