Busch Light Peach brings juicy refreshment to summer drinking

Busch Light Peach, photo provided by Anheuser Busch
Busch Light Peach, photo provided by Anheuser Busch /

Whether it is a beach day, fishing trip, or just unwinding in the backyard, Busch Light is often a popular choice. This summer the popular beer brand has a new flavor to sip, Busch Light Peach. Featuring the juiciness of the stone fruit, this new beer could be the hit of the summer.

After the hugely successful Busch Light Apple, the classic beer brand has expanded with a peach flavor. Although this option might not be as common as a lemon shandy, peach is definitely having a moment this season. From popular restaurant brands’ beverages to hard iced teas, the balance of juicy, sweet, and even slightly tart makes it a popular summer fruit.

While Busch Light had success with apple, the peach flavor brings a touch of nostalgia and even Southern hospitality. It might not be replicating that peach cobbler, but it is a sip of simplicity that many people will enjoy.

Thinking about this beer, it would be wonderful with some barbecue chicken or even some smoked ribs. Those grilled flavors can play off the sweet notes.

Busch Light Peach
Busch Light Peach, photo provided by Anheuser Busch /

Without overpowering the food or the palate, this beer plays into that sessionable aspect that is common with warm weather beers. Given that fun in the sun can last all day, people want an option where it is permissible to have an extra one. It does not mean that anyone should drink the entire package, but enjoying a couple throughout the day is highly enjoyable. Plus, no one wants a heavy beer that can keep them away from that enjoying that hike, paddling around the lake, or making it to the nighttime fireworks display.

The Busch Light Peach has a 4.1% ABV. It is sold in 12, 24, and 30 packs of 12 oz cans. In addition, there are 25 oz cans available. It can be purchased in 37 states. The limited run will be available while supplies last.