Best Hard Iced Teas 2023: Six beverage options for sensational summer sipping

(Photo by David Becker/Getty Images for Nightclub & Bar Media Group)
(Photo by David Becker/Getty Images for Nightclub & Bar Media Group) /

Growing up, some people might remember that big pitcher of sun tea brewing on the back porch. After a couple of hours, that tea was ready to be transformed. From a lemon wedge to a spoonful of sugar, the options were many. Some people even added a little “extra” pour to turn it into a cocktail. Now, many beverage brands have taken the work out of making that hard iced tea beverage and these options are the best hard iced teas for 2023 sensational summer sipping.

Choosing a ready to drink hard iced tea is all about flavor preference. While some people prefer pure tea flavor, others might rather have a half tea half lemonade option. Luckily, the many brands on the shelf give everyone plenty of choices.

Lipton Hard Iced Tea Variety Pack

Lipton has and will continue to be an iconic tea brand. From the classic tea bags that people have had for decades to the ready to drink tea options, Lipton is a trusted brand. When it launched into the hard iced tea space, many people had high expectations.

The Lipton Hard Iced comes in four flavors, lemon, strawberry, peach, and half and half. While everyone will have a favorite, each one is quite refreshing. From hamburgers to chicken to just chips and dip, these Lipton Hard Iced Tea goes with everything.

Arnold Palmer Spiked

The classic drink, half lemonade, half iced tea, is not just a drink enjoyed on the links. The Arnold Palmer Spiked brand brings variety. While some people might enjoy one at the 19th hole and others might prefer to open a can at home, all scenarios are welcome.

While each flavor is quite enjoyable, the raspberry half tea half lemonade is a must try. The slight tart sweetness from the raspberry mixed with the other flavors is refreshing on a warm day. It is an all day sipper that goes with almost any food pairing.

Twisted Tea

As one of the original hard iced tea brands, Twisted Tea is always a great choice for summer sipping. New for the summer 2023, Twisted Tea added a Rocket Pop flavor. That red, white, and blue classic treat brings its flavor to the hard iced tea. Sometimes a little touch of nostalgia makes it that sip even more satisfying. The Twisted Tea Rocket Pop flavor is available in specially marked variety packs.

Fishers Island Half & Half

Fishers Island is known for its lemonade, but it has an equally delightful Half & Half. It combines the brand’s original barrel-aged whiskey and premium vodka spiked lemonade with fresh black tea. The flavor is robust, but it is easily drinkable.

Loverboy’s sparkling hard iced teas

With some of the most unique flavors, Loverboy’s sparkling hard iced teas have lower ABVs, zero sugar and less than 90 calories. Even though some people choose these RTD beverages for easy drinking, the creative flavors have many people running to grab another can.

Options like Hibiscus Lime, White Tea Peach and Strawberry Lemonade have the zesty flavors that bring big refreshment. For the most unique options, the variety pack pushes the boundaries with Mango Pear and Black Cherry Vanilla. Enjoy one or a few, these iced hard teas will keep the party going.

Owl’s Brew

For drinkers who prefer botanical forward flavors, Owl’s Brew puts them front and center in their beverages. Since the brand uses more than one type of tea, the range is quite impressive. Tea drinkers who want an elevated experience turn to Owl’s Brew.

Ready to sip on some of the best hard iced teas of 2023? These beverages and more will make this summer sensational.