Heinz Sauce Drops bring elevated flavor dipping for a limited time

New Heinz Sauce Drops give new flavors 15 minutes of fame, photo provided by Heniz
New Heinz Sauce Drops give new flavors 15 minutes of fame, photo provided by Heniz /

The classic Andy Warhol phrase about 15 minutes of fame is not just limited to that social media sensation or pop culture moment. When it comes to food, trends, flavors, or another must have item can have its own 15 minutes of fame. With the limited-edition Heinz Sauce Drops, these six offerings could spark a conversation around the table that lingers a little longer than expected.

Food trends are always a hot topic. Even if some people will never step out of their comfort zone, others will happily try a new, different, or otherwise exciting option when it is presented. From globally inspired flavors to alternative protein sources, there are a myriad of ways that people can try something new.

With Heinz, the brand has never been afraid to evolve its offerings. While there will always be a place for that classic ketchup, the idea of condiment customization is starting to integrate into restaurants. As guests find their perfect combination of flavors, it opens the door to understanding that a sauce is more than just one flavor note.

Those flavor combinations give brands insight into what people crave. Whether it is a hint of smoke or a burst of heat, it is important to adapt to consumers’ tastes.

According to Diane Mays Doty, Associate Brand Manager, Heinz Away from Home, “As a consumer obsessed brand at the forefront of food culture, we want to hijack fans’ behavior as they seek out new and unique flavors at their favorite restaurants. Taking a page from the popular ‘drop culture,’ these Sauce Drops allow us to push portfolio boundaries with explorative flavors, while also allowing us to receive real-time fan feedback to inform what we bring to shelves nationwide.”

Heinz Sauce Drops with viral sensations
Heinz sauce drops with viral pop culture sensations, photo provided by Heinz /

What are Heinz Sauce Drops?

Available at select restaurants across the U.S., the six Heinz Sauce Drops feature a wide array of flavor profiles. While each sauce is associated with a particular pop culture, viral sensation, it is the sauce that deserves to be the focus. These dipping sauces are unlike other options on the table.

The six Heinz Sauce Drops are:

  • Heinz Yuzu Wasabi
  • Heinz Black Garlic Ranch
  • Heinz Creamy Chimichurri
  • Heinz Brewery Mustard
  • Heinz Hatch Chili Ranch
  • Heinz Harissa Aioli
Heinz Sauce Drops
New Heinz Sauce Drops give new flavors 15 minutes of fame, photo provided by Heniz /

Looking at the various flavors, they are quite different. While the Brewery Mustard might not be overly adventurous, the other options will push some people out of their comfort zone. For example, ranch might be a popular choice for chicken, burgers and even crudité, the black garlic addition adds a bold, yet mellow, flavor to the traditional ranch spices.

The two most interesting sauces are the Yuzu Wasabi and the Harissa Aioli. The bright, zesty Yuzu with the wasabi heat could transform those bland fish planks or can upgrade a shrimp taco. With the Harissa Aioli, the red pepper, smoky flavor can turn chicken nuggets from child’s play into an adult favorite.

Overall, these Heinz Sauce Drops should be well-received. It will be interesting to see how the various drops may become a permanent part of the condiment conversation. A few of these offerings could be welcome additions to the sauce aisle.