The Nuttiest Dive Bar just might be the ultimate watering hole

Nuttiest Dive Bar is a must book reservation, photo provided by Miller High Life/Planters
Nuttiest Dive Bar is a must book reservation, photo provided by Miller High Life/Planters /

Although some people might have a special place where everyone knows their name, a new drinking locale could become the ultimate reservation. It is time to pass by that Swinging Door and visit that Drunk Uncle another day. In Milwaukee, the Nuttiest Dive Bar is open for limited reservations, and everyone will be clamoring for that table.

The Nuttiest Dive Bar is a special collaboration between Miller High Life and Planters. While peanuts and beer are one of the classic food and beverage combinations, this special event is more than snacks and sips. It is the once in a lifetime dive bar experience, even without the shag carpeting on the wall or the peanut shells on the ground.

Reservations become available online starting June 16. The special bar will be available from July 9 through July 12. For a 90 minute reservation, the cost is the same as a jar of Planters peanuts.

While the hour and a half experience might be fleeting, the memories will last a lifetime. From photo in front of the selfie wall to the warm nuts to enjoy with that Miller High Life, everyone will be feeling that they are living their best life.

From the authentic dive bar smell to the dim lighting from The Girl in the Moon’s neon lights, each element was carefully curated to create that special experience. The guests might want to stay all night. They do not have to go home, but they cannot stay there beyond the 90 minutes reservation.

Although this special event is only happening in Milwaukee, Planters and Miller High Life fans could be inspired to create their homage to the Nuttiest Dive Bar at home. Whether it is serving some warm nuts and that classic beer or playing some favorite songs from those college days, the real prize is gathering friends to enjoy time together. Isn’t it time to have an excuse to gather and raise a glass?

More information on the Nuttiest Dive Bar can be found online. Reservations will be made through the Tock website and the quantity is limited.