Chips Deluxe Fudgy puts even more chocolatey goodness in every bite

Chips Deluxe Fudgy, photo provided by Keebler
Chips Deluxe Fudgy, photo provided by Keebler /

The classic chocolate chip cookie is always a favorite choice. Whether paired with a glass of milk or snuck from the pantry as a late night treat, there is something simply satisfying about that particular cookie. With the new Chips Deluxe Fudgy, each bite has even more chocolatey goodness.

Chips Deluxe is an iconic cookie brand. While people might love Ernie and the Keebler Elves, it is more than a pop culture character that invites people to open that container. Many people grew up with these classic cookies in their lunch box or enjoyed them as their afternoon treat. The brand appeals to a wide group because its classic flavor always delivers.

While Chips Deluxe is and will continue to be a favorite, the Keebler brand appreciates that it occasionally needs to innovate its offerings. Although they might not be adding intense spices to the mix, one ingredient will always have people wanting more.

As Alicia Mosley, Vice President of Marketing at Keebler said, “We’re excited to put a new spin on our fan-favorite Chips Deluxe cookies and what better way to do it than adding in more fudge – one ingredient we know a lot about. Thanks to Ernie, Chips Deluxe Fudgy will excite your senses, creating magical memories for families, anytime, anywhere.”

Chips Deluxe Fudgy
Chips Deluxe Fudgy, photo provided by Keebler /

The new Chips Deluxe Fudgy contains sweet chocolatey chips and indulgent fudge chunks. With all that chocolate, it ensures that every bite is bursting with chocolate.

Thinking about these new cookies, everyone can get a little creative with the offering this summer. From making ice cream sandwiches to folding them into a milkshake, there are many classic combinations.

Since summer fun can be a little out of the box, why not push the creativity with these new Keebler cookies. What about making a chocolate chip cookie pizza. For example, turn these cookies into a simple crust, press into a pizza pan and top. There is no baking needed. It can be topped with sprinkles, nuts, peanut butter sauce, or anything that you desire. It might be a little messy, but it could be a fun way to play with your food.

The new Chips Deluxe Fudgy will be arriving in stores nationwide. The suggested retail price is $4.80 a container.