Simple way to amplify the flavor of America’s favorite vegetable

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In a recent Green Giant survey, the 2023 America’s favorite vegetable is also a summer staple at backyard barbecues. It is time to get shucking because everyone is craving corn. But, what are some simple ways to amplify the flavor of that classic vegetable?

Since 2018, Green Giant has been reporting America’s favorite vegetable. Last year, broccoli was tops, even though some people might prefer to avoid the cruciferous vegetable. For 2023, the green vegetable has fallen out of favor and corn has risen to the top. 32 states picked corn as their favorite food.

Although it is corn’s first year as the top choice, it seems like a classic choice. Fresh, seasonal corn during the summer has many people enjoying a couple servings at dinner. Also, corn has been incorporated into many iconic food moments. From holiday dinners to even an extra ingredient in that favorite salsa recipe, both fresh and canned corn are a top choice. It seems like that corn kid was right when he shared his love for it.

Looking at the survey results, a few items were quite curious. Carrots were nowhere to be found on the list. Given that those vegetables are often a staple in lunchboxes, they might lose their favor when the adults have to enjoy them.

Replacing carrots on the list is green beans. Maybe all those reminders to eat more green vegetables is paying off.

Whether it is Eat Your Vegetables Day on June 17 or a regular weeknight dinner, keeping those vegetables and their flavors exciting is important. Given corn’s popularity, some cooks might be looking for many ways to enjoy America’s favorite vegetable.

For example, Savory Spice, has a special Mexican Street Corn Seasoning for the summer. The combination of herbs and spices highlights the sweetness of the corn. Whether sprinkled over the cob or a dash on corn kernels, it amplifies the flavors.

If traditional corn on the cob is preferred, a little ranch dressing can bring some tangy notes to the table. And, the creaminess can help adhere some other toppings to cob. Whether it is corn chips, furikake, or something else, there are plenty of ways to explore that culinary creativity.

Corn is America’s favorite vegetable for 2023. Wonder if it will continue its reign in 2024?