Miller Lite Beer Cubes help to solve the warm beer problem

Miller Lite Beer Cubes, photo provided by Miller Lite
Miller Lite Beer Cubes, photo provided by Miller Lite /

On a sunny summer day, an ice-cold beer is delightfully refreshing. Although chugging a beer might not always be appropriate, the warm weather can turn that cold drink into a warm one a little too quickly. With the Miller Lite Beer Cubes, a beer can stay cold longer.

Many people have devised plenty of ways to keep beers cold while they are being drunk. From the koozie to the chilled mug, it can be a type of game. Still, the quest to avoid drinking that warm beer is real. Many beverages taste great when served warm. Beer is not one of them.

A solution that has not previously been discussed, the Miller Lite Beer Cubes are small frozen beer pellets that can go into a can and help keep the beer’s temperature lower. To be clear, these are not ice cubes. Adding ice cubes to a beer would dilute the drinking enjoyment. That scenario might be more detrimental than a warm beer.

The Beer Cube Trays are designed to freeze little pellets of Miller Lite. Yes, beer can freeze. It can be slightly more slushie than solid, but it will get very cold.

With these special Beer Cube Trays, the frozen beer is shaped to fit into a can or bottle of Miller Lite. It might be best to start with a beer that has been slightly drunk. Just like ice displaces liquid in a glass. No one wants to spill beer with the Miller Lite Beer Cubes.

Miller Lite Beer Cubes
Miller Lite Beer Cubes, photo provided by Miller Lite /

Here’s how to make the Miller Lite Beer Cubes.

First, fill the Beer Cube tray with Miller Lite. Let the tray freeze for 3 to 4 hours. Once frozen, flex the tray to release the cubes. Drop the cubes into the can or bottle and enjoy.

The Miller Lite Beer Cube Trays can be purchased online at It retails for $7.99.

Do not suffer with warm beer on another sunny day. Miller Lite Beer Cubes will keep the everyone chill this summer.