Sonic Drive-In offers a flavor escape with its new Aloha Slushes

Sonic Aloha Slushes, Polynesian Punch and Tropical Colada, photo provided by Sonic
Sonic Aloha Slushes, Polynesian Punch and Tropical Colada, photo provided by Sonic /

After America’s Drive-In opened its first location in Hawaii, some people were wondering if that restaurant expansion could inspire some menu additions. In a recent company announcement, the Sonic Drive-In Aloha Slushes are the perfect sip to bring a taste of that tropical paradise vibe to any locale.

The Sonic Slushes are one its most iconic menu items. While there have been flavors that might have push some people’s food boundaries, (remember the pickle flavor), other options capture that sweet sensation of nostalgia. Everyone cannot help but embrace that childlike fun of enjoying that beverage.

As summer fun hits it prime, many people are looking for those escape, maybe even child-like fun moments. Some people might be lucky enough to fly away to a tropical locale. Others might need to improvise that beach-like vibe in a corner of their backyard. Food and beverages can often set the stage for that concept.

The new Sonic Drive-In Aloha Slushes put Hawaiian inspired flavors front and center. It might not exactly be one of those classic shaved ice treats that Hawaiian locales enjoy, but sipping one might have people humming a few bars of Tiny Bubbles.

Sonic Aloha Slushies
Sonic Aloha Slushes, Polynesian Punch and Tropical Colada, photo provided by Sonic /

Speaking to these new offerings, Mackenzie Gibson, Vice President of Culinary & Menu Innovation at SONIC said, “We opened the first SONIC in Hawai’i in February, and now we are offering guests across the country the feeling of being on a Hawaiian vacation with the tastes of tropical paradise. Our vibrant Aloha Slushes are a burst of island flavors that will transport you to sandy beaches, swaying palm trees and sparkling ocean waves, even if it’s just for a moment!”

The two new Aloha Slushes flavors are Polynesian Punch and Tropical Colada. Both flavors are approachable and somewhat familiar.

The Polynesian Punch is a Hawaiian-inspired fruit punch. Although the flavor description is broad, this offering should be a little sweet. It should pair well with both cheeseburgers and chicken sandwiches.

The Tropical Colada combines coconut, pineapple and banana flavors. This offering might be tasty as a dessert replacement. Plus, that hint of banana makes this Slush an interesting flavor combination.

The new Aloha Slushes are available now. Additional food discounts are available when ordering via the Sonic app.