KRAFT Mayo Buffalo Style Dressing unveils the ultimate way to boost flavor anywhere

KRAFT Mayo Buffalo Style Dressing Buffalo Balm, photo provided
KRAFT Mayo Buffalo Style Dressing Buffalo Balm, photo provided /

When people appreciate bold flavors, they will take big steps to ensure that bland food never hits their lips. It might be carrying a bottle of hot sauce in the bag. With KRAFT Mayo Buffalo Style Dressing in stores, the brand has a solution to ensure big flavor is always on the table. Ready for the Buffalo Balm?

KRAFT understands that people are particular when it comes to their food preferences. Even as flavors have evolved to embrace bolder flavors, people have moved away from the “plain” description.

While that food trend has come to the table, people are not always sitting at home enjoying a meal. Even if that dish is enjoyed someplace else, flavor does not have to be served with a side of compromise. That is where the Buffalo Balm comes to the rescue.

Shaped like a lip balm, the Buffalo Balm is a convenient container of KRAFT May Buffalo Style Dressing. Although it might get a few looks around the table, it could be a big conversation starter.

KRAFT Mayo Buffalo Style Dressing Buffalo Balm
KRAFT Mayo Buffalo Style Dressing Buffalo Balm, photo provided /

According to Frances Sabatier, Brand Manager, KRAFT Real Mayo, at the Kraft Heinz Company, “As our fans know well, when you are obsessed with a flavor, you never leave your house without it. As the Mayo brand for Mayo freaks, KRAFT Real Mayo is proud to champion our fans’ individuality through our products and how our fans enjoy them. Buffalo Balm lets mayo freaks boldly bring our new Buffalo Style Dressing everywhere – it packs easily, flavors food quickly, and like our fans, stands out unapologetically.”

The Buffalo Balm is available exclusively on Amazon. It is $14.99. According to the brand, the offering comes with a “bottle of KRAFT Mayo Buffalo Style Dressing, reusable balm tube, a custom bottle spout attachment and step-by-step instructions to make prepping your Buffalo Balm as easy as applying it.”

Although this idea might not be traditional, it seems to support an idea of brand loyalty. While condiment customization might be a growing food trend, some people will always gravitate toward one brand over another. It isn’t that they will grab any hot sauce from the caddy. They want their preferred flavor booster.

While this offering is a limited time deal, the KRAFT Mayo Buffalo Style Dressing is available nationwide. The sauce is made with cayenne pepper puree, butter, vinegar and KRAFT Real Mayo. That bold, yet approachable heat can transform a variety of dishes. From a simple burger to an over the top recipe, there are no shortage of uses.