Tic Tac Sprite shakes up that sweet, tingly tart lemon lime flavor

Tic Tac Sprite, photo provided by Tic Tac
Tic Tac Sprite, photo provided by Tic Tac /

After a hugely successful Tic Tac Coca-Cola partnership, those 100 layers of flavor are taking a walk on the lemon lime side. With the new Tic Tac Sprite, the iconic Ferrero brand is excited for everyone to shake this new flavor beat.

Over the past several years, Tic Tac has embraced its creative side both in and outside of that package. From the recent Strawberries and Cream flavor to Tropical Fruit Adventure, the classic mint and orange flavors have some bold competition.

In addition, the brand has shown how those classic packs can shake up fun anywhere and everywhere. From taking the Berry Adventure to the park to finding a creative ways to bring Tic Tac on a ride somewhere fun, there are plenty of ways to shake up a new experience.

While some people will always have their favorite flavor, the new Tic Tac Sprite brings together two iconic brands in a creative way. For anyone who appreciates that classic lemon lime taste, they will be running to get that first taste.

Tic Tac Sprite
Tic Tac Sprite, photo provided by Tic Tac /

Similar to how the Coca Cola Tic Tac has a bubbly mouthfeel, the Tic Tac Sprite captures that tingly sensation that people know from drinking a Sprite. The flavor is bright, refreshing and quite enjoyable.

Since some people like to combine their Tic Tac flavors, the Sprite option is delightful with the classic Orange flavor. Even combining it with the Tropical Adventure is quite good. For a completely different take, consider combining the Sprite and Coca Cola for that soda fountain beverage experience.

The addition of Tic Tac Sprite shows that brand collaboration is good for both parties. While some people are very particular about their preferred lemon-lime beverage, it could lead them to seek out the new Tic Tac flavor. Also, if Tic Tac fans might like the new mint so much that they could switch the beverage choice. Overall, it is a win for everyone in this scenario.

Given the success of Tic Tac Coca Cola and the new Tic Tac Sprite, it will be curious to see if another Coca Cola beverage could come to that shakable container. Maybe there could be a Barqs root beer flavor in the future.

Tic Tac Sprite is available at various retailers. Check with stores for availability.