Casey’s Thin Crust Pizza satisfies guests’ craving for more variety

Casey’s Thin Crust Pizza, Meat Galore, photo provided by Casey's
Casey’s Thin Crust Pizza, Meat Galore, photo provided by Casey's /

As the fifth largest pizza chain in the country, Casey’s always delivers a great slice of pizza. From that freshly made pizza dough to the copious amounts of toppings, customers know that they will always get a great pie. With the addition of Casey’s Thin Crust Pizza, the company understands that variety will keep guests coming back for more food.

Joining its robust line-up of pizza offerings, the new Casey’s Thin Crust Pizza puts the toppings front and center. While that classic dough is still part of the flavor conversation, the added crunch makes for a new taste experience. Whether paired with that breakfast pizza or piled high with meat, the difference in texture leads to a different type of eating enjoyment.

Speaking to the new offering, Tom Brennan, Casey’s Chief Merchandising Officer said, “For years, Casey’s pizza has earned an incredibly passionate fan following and our guests know that they can always get a delicious, fast and easy meal at Casey’s. Our guests have loved our signature pizzas for years, so we’re excited to give them a new thin crust twist on their favorite pizzas. Whether you’re a thin-cruster or love our original Casey’s crust, we welcome all pizza fans to the table to enjoy a slice.”

Casey's Thin Crust Taco Pizza
Casey’s Thin Crust Taco Pizza, photo provided by Casey’s /

Looking at the Casey’s Thin Crust Pizza, one element sets the tone for the flavor experience. The sprinkle of sea salt heightens all the other flavors on the slice. Just like a little finishing salt completes a dish, this ingredient on the dough adds to the eating satisfaction. In addition, it shows the attention to detail that Casey’s puts into all its food offerings.

Given that the thin crust pizza is cut party style (aka squares), the summertime launch is well-timed. Whether it is a simple backyard gathering or kids who are constantly hungry, the serving style plays well into easy sharing.

Casey’s Thin Crust Pizza is available now. It can be ordered as single-topping, specialty and breakfast pizza.