Denny’s tempts guests with the promise of free bacon

Denny’s Baconalia Menu Returns to America’s Diner Nationwide After 10-Year Hiatus
Denny’s Baconalia Menu Returns to America’s Diner Nationwide After 10-Year Hiatus /

Whether it is the sizzle in the pan or the tempting aroma, many people cannot resist the lure of bacon. A side with eggs or topping a burger, there are no shortages of ways to enjoy that popular food. In conjunction with the return of the Baconalia, free bacon could be in guests’ future.

Some people love a good mystery. Beyond those true crime podcasts, the reality is that solving clues is more than a brain teaser. In this particular situation, it is both satisfaction and the potential of free food.

A recent ad in USA Today and another ad set to appear in the LA Times, Denny’s asks people to solve three clues about some bacon loving celebrities. The clues are:

  • This model knows her way around the kitchen, even a few game shows. And don’t get us started on her comedic social posts – some may even say they’re legendary.
  • This TV icon rings the bell for giving extra effort every day. A man of many talents, he has appeared in several television series, films, and even on Broadway.
  • This action star is no stranger to space and classic rock. When he’s not saving the universe and fighting off dinosaurs, he’s hanging out on his ranch.

Without ruining the game for anyone, it might not be too difficult to determine the solution. No one has to be saved by the bell or take that cosmic rewind to another galaxy to submit their guess. Simply tag that celebrity guess on social media using the tag #baconalia. If one responds, everyone can get a free side of bacon on August 21.

According to John Dillon, Denny’s president, “This campaign is more than just a quest for bacon — it’s a celebration of our shared love for great food and unforgettable experiences. In honor of our 70th anniversary, we’re thrilled to reintroduce Baconalia after a decade-long hiatus by uniting bacon enthusiasts with the joy of free bacon. Start sleuthing, America!”

Available now, the Baconalia menu features seven bacon-focused menu items. From Premium Bacon Loaded Pancakes to the Bacon Obsessed Burger, there is no shortage of bacon. And, for the sweet and savory option, do not miss the Sweet Maple Bacon Sundae. The special menu is available through August 29.

While the early bird might get the worm, the best sleuth might get a savory reward. Let’s put some sizzle on everyone’s plate and score some free bacon for everyone.