MTN DEW Baja Blast adds two new tropical flavors for the summer

New MTN DEW Baja Blast tropical flavors, photo provided by MTN DEW
New MTN DEW Baja Blast tropical flavors, photo provided by MTN DEW /

While the Dew Nation might be ready for the next great adventure, there are two new Baja Blast tropical flavors that are joining the conversation. Ready to ride the Mountain Dew refreshment wave?

Back for summer is the fan favorite Baja Blast. While the iconic beverage might have started as a Taco Bell offering, the bright, zesty flavor goes with almost anything. From that crunchy taco to even a hearty burger, there are no shortage of possibilities.

For the summer, it will be available in three options, classic Baja Blast, Baja Blast Zero Sugar, and MTN DEW Energy Baja Blast. Many people will be making space in the cooler for all the cans.

While the return of the classic flavor is exciting, two new tropical Baja Blast flavors have arrived for summer. Those options are Baja Blast Caribbean Splash and Baja Blast Passionfruit Punch. Looking at the two options, they take that citrus forward flavor in a new direction.

Baja Blast tropical flavors
New MTN DEW Baja Blast tropical flavors, photo provided by MTN DEW /

The Baja Blast Caribbean Splash has a guava note. While guava might not be the most common beverage flavor it does capture the Caribbean vibe. When combined with the classic MTN DEW flavors, it hits all the flavor notes. It would be perfect with a spicy jerk chicken or even some mofongo.

The Baja Blast Passionfruit Punch has that a touch of that tartness from the passionfruit. While not too overpowering, it is a nice contrast to the sweet flavors. Try pairing this beverage with some spicy noodles or even a papaya salad.

The MTN DEW Baja Blast lineup is now available in 20 oz. bottles and 12 pack cans, 16 oz 6-packs, and 16.9 oz 8-packs.

In addition, MTN DEW is celebrating the Summer of Baja. The special giveaway event features a variety of prices including Taco Bell gift cards. More information can be found on 16 or 20 oz Baja Blast bottles.