OREO x Super Mario cookies have everyone leveling up the sweet experience

New OREO x Super Mario Cookies, photo provided by OREO
New OREO x Super Mario Cookies, photo provided by OREO /

While OREO has embraced its playful side, the new OREO x Super Mario Cookies are on a mission to bring sweet fun to the snacking conversation. Whether people level up their eating experience or want to be part of the food pop culture conversation, everyone will want to purchase at least one package.

Over the years, OREO has transformed its classic sandwich cookie in many ways. From innovative flavor combinations to seasonal favorites, that part of the conversation gets many people hungry. Even though the classic combination is always part of the conversation, the variations bring a little extra excitement.

In addition, OREO has brought pop culture into the mix. From collaborations with television shows to NBA crossovers, the classic sandwich cookie understands that those connections bring another element to the eating experience.

Speaking to the OREO x Super Mario Cookies, Vishnu Nair, Senior Brand Manager at OREO said, “OREO is always looking to bring new offerings to our fans and we are thrilled to unveil this super partnership with the iconic Super Mario franchise. There are so many playful synergies between OREO and Super Mario, it was a no-brainer for us to team up to connect fans of all ages through this delightfully playful cookie collaboration.”

The new Super Mario Cookies will feature 16 unique embossments. In addition to Mario and Luigi, other characters like Princess Peach, Goomba, and more are part of the celebration. There is even a special social challenge that people can join.

The OREO x Super Mario Cookies are available for pre-order online. In addition, the sandwich cookies will be available in stores starting July 10 for a limited time.