ALDI Summer Cookout Kickback saves shoppers over 30% on food essentials

ALDI Summer Cookout offers shoppers big savings, photo provided by ALDI
ALDI Summer Cookout offers shoppers big savings, photo provided by ALDI /

While everyone looks to the sky for a spectacular Fourth of July fireworks display, the food on the table needs to be as exciting. Although many people long for more bang for their buck, food costs have put a dent in many people’s wallets. With the ALDI Summer Cookout Kickback, that shopping bill reflects big savings this summer.

Every week there is a new report regarding fluctuations in food prices. While egg prices may drop and beer prices might rise, the reality is that economic indicators are continually in flux. Although few people want to go back to economics class, they can and do appreciate the impact that the changes have on the family budget.

Ahead of the Fourth of July, ALDI is putting savings front and center. While many shoppers fill their carts with the weekly finds, this concept is about summer, fun, and food. Instead of that final grocery total leaving people feeling depleted, this shopping experience has people excited to gather around the table.

As Scott Patton, Vice President of National Buying said, “Summer is meant to be spent with friends and family around the grill, and we don’t want shoppers to miss out on any of the fun. At ALDI, our fresh meat selection embodies quality and affordability, saving customers from getting burned at checkout so they can host this Fourth of July without any stress on their budget.”

According to the brand, the ALDI Summer Cookout Kickback will save shoppers 30% compared to the national average. Specifically, summer cookout essentials will cost $46.86 at ALDI versus the $67.73. These numbers represent the cost for certain essentials, like ground beef, pork chops, potato chips, lemonade, and more for 10 people.

ALDI Summer Cookout offers big savings
ALDI Summer Cookout offers shoppers big savings, photo provided by ALDI /

Although ground beef can be less expensive than sirloin and private label offerings can be cost-beneficial to brand names, consumers have to want to buy those particular items. With ALDI, consumers appreciate the quality and the value that is piled high within that shopping cart.

In addition to the overall savings, ALDI is hosting a Cookout Kickback Sweepstakes. Now through July 11, 1,000 randomly selected ALDI fans will receive $20.87 Kickback Gift Card. The amount represents the difference in costs between ALDI and the national average prices. More information can be found at

This Fourth of July does not have to be a decision about what is left off the table due to price considerations. Through the ALDI Summer Cookout Kickback savings, the table looks more bountiful than ever.